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Samsung NS220

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Connection management kann die Verwaltung für große, komplexe Systeme stark vereinfachen. mii> Die Parameter für das Verbindungsmanagement können auch mit Hilfe der WebVerwaltungsschnittstelle konfiguriert werden. Abbildung 2-6: Konfigurieren des Connection Management Enable Connection Management Wenn die Option Enable Connection Management aktiviert ist, kann das Gerät von einem externen Verbindungsmanager konfiguriert und gesteuert werden. Identify Connection Manager By Mit der Auswahlop

Bosch BSG7

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For current disposal methods, please enquire at your appliance dealership or local council. | Please note The mains socket must be protected by a 16 amp fuse minimum. If a circuit breaker should trip when you switch on the vacuum cleaner, this may be because other electrical appliances which have a high current draw are connected to the same power circuit. To prevent the fuse from tripping, select the lowest power setting before switching the vacuum cleaner on, and increase the power only o

Philips LFH0862

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6.2.1 Repeat a sequence 1 To repeat or loop a sequence in a song, press the INDEX / a button at the chosen starting point. REP. A – B flashes on the screen 32 . 2 Press the INDEX / a button again at the chosen end point. The repeat sequence begins. 3 Press the j / DEL button to stop playback or press the INDEX / a button to return to normal playback. 6.2.2 Repeat a file or folder / shuffle mode 1 Press and hold the INDEX / a button for 1 second or longer during playback to switch between play mo

Samsung UE32C6005RW

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yy Stand (1EA) yy Guide Stand (1EA) yy Screws (10EA) ..For best cable connection to this product, be sure to use cables with a maximum thickness as below: yy Maximum thickness - 0.55 inches (14mm) (M4 X L8) (M4 X L12) (M4 X L8) Viewing the Control Panel Viewing the Control Panel . The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. Power Indicator Remote control sensor Speakers Power Indicator Remote control sensor SOURCEEMENU YzP(Power) Blinks and turns off when the power is on and li

Samsung PS42C450B1W

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. Annual energy consumption is calculated on the basis of the On-mode(Home, Standard-mode) power consumption, operating4 hours a day and 365 days a year. (Measured according to IEC 62087 Ed.2) . The power consumption of On-mode varies depending on setting the TV displays. – To reduce the power consumption, adjust the brightness of the TV or set the Energy Saving option to High. – It will reduce the overall running cost. . Do not leave your TV in standby mode for long periods of time (when you ar