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Istruzioni per l'uso Pioneer, Modello DEH-2400UB

Produttore : Pioneer
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Facilità d'uso

lumination on. display setting. ference. transmits elec- from the unit. with Windows turns on and SKIPPED The inserted Replace the disc. tric waves near Mediaa DRM 9/ off at random. disc contains the unit. 10. DRM protected The display You did not per- Perform operation files. PROTECT All the files in automatically form any opera- again. the USB storage returns to the tion within PROTECT All the files on Replace the disc. Error messages device are em- ordinary dis- about 30 sec- the inserted bedded with play. onds. When you contact your dealer or your nearest disc are em- Windows Media Pioneer Service Center, be sure to note the error bedded with The repeat Depending on Select the repeat DRM 9/10. message. DRM. play range the repeat play play range again. Transfer audio files not embedded with Windows Media DRM 9/10 to the USB storage device and connect. N/ A USB The USB device ! Connect a USB expectedly. lected range Built-in CD Player changesun- range, these- MessageCauseAction USB storage device/iPod connected to is Mass Storage may change folder or track is ERROR-07, The disc is dirty. Clean the disc. MessageCauseAction NO DEVICE When plug and ! Turn the plug not supported Class compliant when another by this unit. device. ! Disconnect being selected 11, 12, 17, 30 The disc is Replace the disc. play is off, no and play on. your device and or during fast scratched. USB storage de- ! Connect a com- replace it with a forwarding/re vice or iPod is patible USB stor- compatible USB ERROR-07, There is an elec- Turn the ignition versing. 10, 11, 12, trical or me- switch OFF and connected. age device/iPod. storage device. 15, 17, 30, chanical error. back ON, or FRMT READ Sometimes Wait until the A0 switch to a differ- there is a delay message disap- A subfolder is Subfolders can- Select another re ent source, then between the pears and you back to the CD start of playback hear sound. not played not be played peat play range. back. when FLD (fold er repeat) is se lected. player. and when you NO XXXX appears when a display is changed ( NO TITLE, for example) . There is no embedded text information. Switch the display or play another track/file. ERROR-15 ERROR-23 FRMT READ The inserted disc is blank. Unsupported CD format. Sometimes there is a delay Replace the disc. Replace the disc. Wait until the message disap- NO AUDIO start to hear any sound. There are no songs. Transfer the audio files to the USB storage device and connect. between the start of playback pears and you hear sound. The connected USB storage de- Follow the USB storage device in- and when you vice has securstructions to dis- start to hear any ity enabled. able the security. sound. 13 En Appendix Additional information MessageCauseActionMessageCauseAction CHECK USB The USB connector or USB cable has shortcircuited. The connected USB storage device consumes more than 500 mA (maximum allowable current) . The iPod operates correctly but does not charge. Check that the USB connector or USB cable is not caught in something or damaged. Disconnect the USB storage device and do not use it. Turn the ignition switch to OFF, then to ACC or ON and then connect only compliant USB storage devices. Make sure the connection cable for the iPod has not shorted out (e.g. , not caught in metal objects) . After checking, turn the ignition switch OFF and back ON, or disconnect the iPod and reconnect. ERROR-19 ERROR-23 ERROR-16 STOP Communication failed. iPod failure. USB storage device was not formatted with FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. The iPod firmware version is old. iPod failure. There are no songs in the current list. Perform one of the following operations. –Turn the ignition switch OFF and back ON. – Disconnect the USB storage device. – Change to a different source. Then, return to the USB source. Disconnect the cable from the iPod. Once the iPod’s main menu is displayed, reconnect the iPod and reset it. USB storage device should be formatted with FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. Update the iPod version. Disconnect the cable from the iPod. Once the iPod’s main menu is displayed, reconnect the iPod and reset it. Select a list that contains songs. 14 En Additional information MessageCauseAction NOT FOUND No related Transfer songs to songs. the iPod. Handling guidelines Discs and player Use only discs that feature either of the following two logos. Use 12-cm discs. Do not use 8-cm discs or an adapter for 8-cm discs. Use only conventional, fully circular discs. Do not use shaped discs. Do not insert anything other than a CD into the CD loading slot. Do not use cracked, chipped, warped, or otherwise damaged discs as they may damage the player. Unfinalized CD-R/RW discs cannot be played back. Do not touch the recorded surface of the discs. Store discs in their cases when not in use. Do not attach labels, write on or apply chemicals to the surface of the discs. To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft cloth outward from the center. Condensation may temporarily impair the player’s perfo...

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