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Istruzioni per l'uso Mongoose, Modello AMG-850C

Produttore : Mongoose
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Also provided are a built-in Antiscanner feature, which inhibits alarm system disarming by random code fitting and a Status memory feature, which excludes alarm system being disarmed by just disconnecting and then connecting the car battery terminal, since in this case an alarm will be triggered and the engine blocking will persist. Power supply interruption and recovery with the system disarmed will not trigger an alarm to avoid problems, for instance, during repair. If the car is powered off with the alarm system in the Valet mode, a subsequent power-on will return the alarm system to that state. To avoid locking the keys inside the car, no change in the door locks status occurs at the recovery of supply from the car battery. False alarm can be avoided by the Defective zone bypass feature, which will disable the faulty sensor until the end of arm cycle once it has triggered 8 alarms. The other controlled zones and blockings will remain armed. The programmable feature of Interior light detection allows using AMG 850C with any type of car. To enhance the system security properties and the car’s ease of use, AMG 850C is equipped with the following auxiliary outputs: - pager connection, - trunk unlock control, - power window close while arming, - power window or external lighting control from remote control. A standard AMG850C package includes: • Central unit with a complete installation kit. • A two-stage shock sensor, which either issues a short siren chirp or activates a full alarm depending on the strength of impact upon the car body. • Two remote control transmitters. • A LED indicating the alarm system mode of operation and intended for installation inside the car. • An Override Switch, which point of installation inside the car you select together with your installer so that it is both inconspicuous and easy to use. • A complete instruction for controlling all AMG 850C modes and also a memo card with a shorter description, which you can always take around. • • To enhance the security properties of your alarm system you are advised to purchase an optional two-stage space disturbance sensor, which is able to register any movement both inside the car and in immediate proximity to it. Your AMG 850C has a special input to connect such a sensor. 3 English Remote control transmitter. This is a miniature radio transmitter fed from a 12 volt battery (type 23 A), which lasts for about 1 year of operation. A considerable decrease in the transmitter coverage points to the need for battery replacement. The transmitter features three control buttons and an indicator LED. When any button is pushed, the transmitter forms and transmits a special coded command, which is altered with every new button push to prevent your code interception with a code grabber. Control summary Feature Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Note Arm/Disarm • Ignition OFF Door locking • Ignition ON Arm with sensors disabled • • Ignition OFF Silent arm/disarm • 2 •1 Ignition OFF Silent arm with sensors disabled • •2 •1 Ignition OFF Door unlock • Ignition ON Panic •3 sec Ignition OFF Trunk unlock •3 sec Ignition OFF Power window/external lighting turn-on •3 sec Ignition OFF Multifunctional output to control power window or external lighting •3 sec •3 sec VALET mode •3 sec •3 sec Alarm system disabled Two-step unlock • • Ignition OFF Anti-hijack •3 sec Ignition ON Arm/disarm of a second car • • Ignition OFF • press button briefly • • press briefly two times in an interval no longer than 3 seconds •3 sec press and hold button for at least 3 seconds •3 sec press and hold buttons for 3 seconds to activate channel, keep held for the time required for channel operation but no longer than 30 seconds. 1, 2 order of button pressing Useful information. PIN code. To enhance the secrecy of alarm system control, AMG 850C provides an option to use a personal PIN code for emergency cancellation of alarm signals, memorisation of additional transmitters and user functions, or disabling the Anti-hijack feature. PIN consists of two digits and can have a value from 11 to 99. In the factory the value «11» is set but we recommend you to change it after installation (see the section «Feature programming»). This will secure your alarm system against unauthorised disarming. PIN code is entered using the Emergency disarm button and the ignition key. 4 Emergency disarm. If the control transmitter is missing or broken, to disarm the system: unlock the door with a key - an alarm mode will be started - take your seat in the car and turn the ignition on. With ignition on press the Override Switch as many times and the first digit of the current PIN code, then turn the ignition off/on and press the Override Switch as many times as the second digit of your PIN code. Turn the ignition off - the system will disarm. LED indication of system status Armed blinks slowly Disarmed out Arming blinks fast Valet mode co...

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