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Istruzioni per l'uso Coustic, Modello D-block

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The new Coustic D-block amplifiers deliver the cleanest music you’ve ever heard at any power level in the 12-volt environment. Besides the sleek contoured design, these amplifiers have all the latest and most sophisticated audio features. This manual offers you a guided tour of all these exciting features. For the best sonic reproduction, please follow the installation suggestions and recommendations as closely as possible. The time you spend will prove to be worthwhile when you sit back and enjoy the high fidelity music! To further explore the potential of your Coustic amplifier, we recommend you match it with our dynamic full-range speakers or subwoofers and electronic crossovers. Whatever you need for your ultimate car audio system, look to Coustic for a wide range of car audio components to meet the most critical demands. That’s because . . . Coustic is Performance Tuned! Please take a moment to register your purchase online at coustic.com. Please also record the serial number of your amplifier in the space provided below and keep this manual for future reference, as well as your sales receipt as proof of ownership. (The serial number of your amplifier is marked on the bottom of its metal chassis.) Serial Number: Date of Purchase: FEATURES • Patented, state-of-the-art power supply • Patent-pending, D-Block Class D technology for high efficiency and interference-free operation • High mass extruded aluminum heatsink for maximum thermal management and bulletproof reliability • Adjustable LP Crossover - Variable from 40Hz-200Hz for maximum system design flexibility • Fully adjustable Bass Boost - 40Hz, 0-18dB to enhance the low frequency experience in your vehicle • Remote Subwoofer Level Control included allows you to fine tune the bass from the driver’s position • Defeatable Subsonic Filter at 30 Hz for improved efficiency and sonic performance • High Level Input with patented Intelli-Sense™ auto turn-on for easy installation with factory radios • CEA 2006 Compliant. All power ratings are not created equal. CEA 2006 Compliance ensures that the power of this amplifier is measured according to strict standards dictated by the Consumer Electronics Association. SPECIFICATIONS AMP600DB AMP800DB AMP1200DB AMP1600DB RMS per channel @ 4. (. 1% THD+N) 150 Watts 200 Watts 300 Watts 400 Watts RMS per channel @ 2. (. 1% THD+N) 300 Watts 400 Watts 600 Watts 800 Watts Signal to Noise Ratio 75 dBA 75 dBA 75 dBA 75 dBA Frequency Response 20Hz to 200Hz (-3dB) 20Hz to 200Hz (-3dB) 20Hz to 200Hz (-3dB) 20Hz to 200Hz (-3dB) Maximum Input Signal 5V 5V 5V 5V Maximum Sensitivity 100mV 100mV 100mV 100mV THD+N (Distortion) <0.25% (reference:1W output) <0.25% (reference:1W output) <0.25% (reference:1W output) <0.25% (reference:1W output) 2 INSTALLATION Disconnect the ground at the vehicle battery before proceeding. 1. Connect the amplifier to the battery For maximum amplifier performance, we suggest 4 gauge wire and a 1 Farad stiffening capacitor. A fuse or circuit breaker is required at maximum distance of 18” from the battery to protect the battery, the vehicle, and more importantly you (see chart below for proper fuse ratings). It is highly recommended that installation be carried out by an authorized dealer. 2. Connect the amplifier remote turn-on Connect the remote input terminal of the amplifier to the remote output terminal of the source unit (only if using RCA inputs) to establish amplifier remote on/off through the power on/off of the source unit. If the source unit does not provide a remote output, connect to a switched 12-volt source, e.g. ignition switch. 3. Connect the amplifier ground to the vehicle chassis For maximum amplifier performance we suggest 4 gauge wire. Find a solid piece of metal and scrape the paint away where the ground will be attached (NO FACTORY BOLTS). Connect the ground cable to the amplifier at this point. - NOTE - For optimum performance and sound reproduction, prepare and secure the ground properly. Remove any surface material before securing to your chassis, ensuring a metal-to-metal ground point. 4. Remote Gain Control Included is a remote gain control, which is a volume control that is active with the low pass filter engaged. This control should be mounted near the driver in an easily accessed location. This is not a gain knob, this is a level control. The level control will attenuate the amp or increase its output to the level of the gain setting. It is used to adjust bass output between music sources or tracks (see picture below for connection location). 5. Connecting signal cables to the amplifier There are two ways to supply the signal to our amplifiers. To get maximum performance, we suggest connecting a high quality RCA to the corresponding outputs at the source unit and inputs of the amplifier. If a source unit is being used without RCA outputs, use the high-level inputs for signal which will turn the amplifier on via our Intelli-Sense™ circuitry (Four-channel amps will only engage on...

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