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Istruzioni per l'uso Carson, Modello SA-441-83F

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CARSON MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 5451 NORTH RURAL STREET INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 (888) 577 6877 TECHNICAL BULLETIN SA 441SA 441 RADIORADIO HRN/TTHRN/TT MANMAN WAILWAIL YELPYELP PHASR/WPHASR/W--YY SIRENSIREN PA VOL POWERPOWER OFF/ON ON INSTALLATION AND OPERATING MANUAL SA-441-83F (FLUSH MOUNT CONTROL HEAD) SA-441-83FX (FLUSH MOUNT WITH EXTENDED MIC) Sound Hazard -Sound level from siren speaker (>120dBA @ 10 feet) may cause hearing damage. Do not operate siren without adequate hearing protection for you and anyone in immediate vicinity. (Ref. OSHA 1910.95 for occupational noise exposure guidelines) TB0335B Page 1 of 10 10/18/03 SA-441-83 SPECIFICATIONS INPUT POWER: 11-16 Volts DC, 8 Amps DC per 100W Speaker Power off current to amplifier is 1mA Max. SIREN MODE OUTPUT POWER: 15 VDC input, 100W speakers Two outputs - 105 Watts RMS per output AUDIO MODE OUTPUT POWER: 14 VDC input, 100W speakers Two outputs - 40 Watts RMS per output SIREN FREQUENCY: 700Hz - 1450Hz Nominal CYCLE RATES: WAIL - 15 cycles/min YELP - 210 cycles/min PHASER - 10 cycle/sec AUDIO RESPONSE: 200Hz - 10KHz +/-3db Harmonic Distortion Less than 3% @ 1KHz RADIO INPUT SENSITIVITY: 0.75VAC Input Min. for 40 Watts RMS Output (1 spkr) OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -15° F to +140° F SIZE: Amplifier 9" Wide X 2-1/2" High X 6-3/4" Deep Control Head 6-1/4" Wide X 2-7/8" High X 1" Deep WEIGHT: Amplifier 4.25 pounds Control Head 1 pound NIGHT VISIBILITY: Control Head panel is backlit with independent lead tied to vehicle dash lights. AMPLIFIER PROTECTION: High Voltage – Siren output stops with input voltage above highest rating Stops high output power from blowing speaker Reverse Polarity – Fuse(s) blows when power is wired backwards Shorted Output – Fuse(s) blows if speaker shorts (a common problem) CONTROL HEAD PROTECTION: No fuse but has reverse polarity protection. NOTICE Due to continuous product improvements, we must reserve the right to change any specifications and information, contained in this manual at any time without notice. Carson Manufacturing Co., Inc. makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this manual, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Carson Manufacturing Co., Inc. shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this manual. TB0335B Page 2 of 10 10/18/03 INSTALLATION Proper installation of the unit is essential for years of safe, reliable operation. Please read all instruction before installing the unit. Failure to follow these instructions can cause serious damage to the unit or vehicle and may void warranties. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS For the safety of the installer, vehicle operator, passengers and the community please observe the following safety precautions. Failure to follow all safety precautions and instructions may result in property damage, injury or death. Qualifications -The installer must have a firm knowledge of basic electricity, vehicle electrical systems and emergency equipment. Sound Hazard - Sound level from siren speaker (>120dBA @ 10 feet) may cause hearing damage. Do not operate siren without adequate hearing protection for you and anyone in immediate vicinity. (Ref. OSHA 1910.95 for occupational noise exposure guidelines) Mounting - Mount the control head for easy access by the vehicle operator. DO NOT mount in air bag deployment area. Assure clearances before drilling in vehicle. Wiring -Use wiring capable of handling the current required. Make sure all connections are tight. Route wiring to prevent wear, overheating and interference with air bag deployment. Install and check all wiring before connection to vehicle battery. Testing - Test all siren functions after installation to assure proper operation. Test vehicle operation to assure no damage to vehicle. Keep These Instructions -Keep these instructions in the vehicle or other safe place for future reference. Advise the vehicle operator of the location. AMPLIFIER MOUNTING Choose a mounting location in an area such as the driver compartment firewall, under a seat, etc. Mounting the amplifier in the engine compartment or in an area directly exposed to weather is not recommended. Assure adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Consider wire routing and access to connector. Install amplifier to vehicle using 1/4" hardware (not supplied). May need to set RADIO VOLUME ADJUST on side of amplifier before final mounting and installation. May also need to set POWER OUTPUT ADJUSTMENT on inside of amplifier. CONTROL HEAD MOUNTING Select a mounting location in an area such as the dash or overhead console. Choose a mounting location convenient to the operator and away from any air bag deployment areas. Consider wire routing and access to connections, as well as microphone bracket placement. A microphone clip along with mounting screws (CP3633) holds the microphone in place. FLUSH MOUN...

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