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Istruzioni per l'uso Creek Audio, Modello CD50 mk2

Produttore : Creek Audio
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Wipe the disc in a straight motion from the inside out. Small dust particles and stains will have absolutely no effect on reproduction quality. Never use chemicals such as record sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzine or thinners to clean a compact disc. Such chemicals would irreparably damage the surface. Creek Audio Ltd has taken every care to ensure all types of compact discs play in the CD50 mk2. However, copy protected discs continue to be marketed without being compliant with all CD players. If this becomes a problem in the future, firmware upgrades to the ROM drive may become necessary. Check the Creek website for information - http:\\LOADING DISCS 1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the front or CD on the handset. The disc tray will open. If the disc tray gets jammed while opening, it will stop and close automatically. 2. When the disc tray has opened fully, take a normal size (12 cm) disc from its case and place it carefully in the tray with the label facing up. To play an 8 cm single place it in the inner groove of the tray with the label facing up. 3. To close the disc tray, press the OPEN/CLOSE button (DISC button on remote) again or gently push the tray in. When the tray is fully closed, with a correctly loaded disc, the disc will start turning automatically and the TOC (table of contents) will be read. The disc will then stop and the TOC will be displayed, i.e. the total number of tracks on the disc and the total playing time of the disc. The CD player is now ready to play. NOTE: If after you load the disc you press the PLAY button to close the tray, the disc will automatically start playing from the beginning of track one. CD50 mk2 Compact Disc Player REMOVING THE DISC The disc tray can be opened at any time by pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button. Remove the disc only after the tray has fully opened. CAUTION • Do not put anything except a Compact Disc into the tray. Foreign objects can damage the mechanism. DVD’s will not play. • Do not force the tray by hand during the opening and closing operations. • To avoid dirt and dust entering the mechanism, keep the disc tray closed when the CD player is not in use. • Never load two discs into the disc tray. CONTROL AND OPERATION POWER The mains On/Off switch is located on the rear panel next to the power cord. 1 is on and 0 is off. Switching on the power from the rear panel automatically places the unit in Standby mode. To wake it up, press the ANY BUTTON button on the front panel or CD command buttons only on the remote handset. The LED indicator will alternate from yellow colour in Standby mode to green when ready to play. Note: Amplifier or Tuner command buttons on the remote handset will not wake up the CD50 mk2. This enables other devices to run independtly. NORMAL DISC PLAY Before playing a disc, check the player's power cable and output cable connections. 1. Switch on the CD50 mk2 at the rear panel, a yellow LED will light above the power button. 2. Press the STANDBY switch and the LED will turn green. 3. Press the OPEN/CLOSE or DISC button to open the disc tray and load the disc. 4. Press the OPEN/CLOSE or DISC button again to close the disc tray. N.B. If you get a message dISC on the display when the disc tray is fully closed, this means that the disc is improperly loaded (most likely upside down). To check, open the disc tray again and reload the disc correctly. If the disc tray gets jammed while closing, the tray will stop and open automatically. If this happens check the disc tray and reload the disc correctly. 5. When the disc is loaded correctly the the player will spin the disc to read the T.O.C. (Table Of Contents). This will tell the player how many tracks are recorded on the disc and how long they are. Depending on the number of tracks and the method of recording the information, the T.O.C. read can vary from 3 - 10 seconds or more. Until this has been achieved, no other function will work. When the T.O.C. is correctly read the player will display the information There are 25 tracks on the disc. The total playing time is 72 minutes and 07 seconds. The player is set to play when required. 6. Press the PLAY button. The PLAY symbol will appear on the display. The disc will start playing from the beginning of the first track. You may also go straight to a specific track by using one of the SKIP buttons or . In this case the disc will start playing the selected track when the PLAY button is pressed. The numeric keys on the remote handset allow direct access to the desired track. 7. At the end of the last track the CD will return to a waiting mode. CD50 mk2 Compact Disc Player • If the CD is deeply scratched, too dirty, or not recorded to Sony/Philips ‘Red Book’ standards, the disc may not play. If an improperly centered disc is played, noise will be heard in the mechanism. Avoid using such discs. • Some discs of poor manufacture may not be readable or may skip. Check another disc should this occur. • Some discs will ta...

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