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Istruzioni per l'uso Creek Audio, Modello CD50

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DIGITAL OUTPUT This output enables you to connect the CD player to a stand-alone D to A converter in order to change the signal into a stereo analogue one. The digital output can be accessed via the co-axial SPDIF socket on the rear panel. 3. AC POWER SOCKET, IEC TYPE 220V-240 V AC or 110V-120 V AC 4. AC POWER CORD After completing the installation and all connections, make sure that the POWER switch on the back panel of the unit is set to OFF (O). Then plug the power cord into a live AC outlet. Digital Output Optical and Co-Ax Integrated stereo amplifier WARNING UNAUTHORISED RECORDING OF COPYRIGHT MATERIAL MAY VIOLATE APPLICABLE COPYRIGHT LAWS. THE DISTRIBUTOR ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE UNAUTHORISED DUPLICATION, USE OR OTHER ACTS, WHICH INFRINGE UPON THE RIGHTS OF COPYRIGHT OWNERS. CD53 & CD50 Compact Disc Player EXPLANATION OF CONTROLS 7 68 910 2 M MMA AAI IIN NN U UUN NNI IIT TT 1. STANDBY button 2. Disc Tray 3. OPEN/CLOSE button 4. STOP button 5. PAUSE button 6. PLAY button A F G D DDI IIS SSP PPL LLA AAY YY W WWI IIN NND DDO OOW WW A. TRACK NUMBER display B. PLAY indicator C. TOTAL TIME indicator D. REMaining time indicator E. PLAYING TIME display F. PROGRAM indicator B 3 45 1112 1 7. SKIP BACK button 8. SKIP FORWARD button 9. SCAN BACK button 10. SCAN FORWARD button 11. REPEAT button 12. SHUFFLE button C D E H J K L M G. SCAN indicator H. SHUFFLE PLAY indicator J. A « B PLAY indicator K. REPEAT indicator L. REPEAT 1 indicator M. PAUSE indicator CD53 & CD50 Compact Disc Player EXPLANATION OF CONTROLS REMOTE CONTROL UNIT A. STANDBY STANDBY B. NUMERICAL track selection 0 - 9 C. PROGRAM PROG D. REPEAT A - -- B A -B E. REMAINING TIME TIME F. REPEAT REPEAT G. SKIP TRACK back & forward H. SEARCH back & forward I. PLAY PLAY J. OPEN/CLOSE K. STOP STOP L. PAUSE CD53 & CD50 Compact Disc Player COMPACT DISCS HANDLING THE DISCS This unit has been designed to play Compact Discs bearing the identification logo shown below. DVD discs cannot be played. • Always place the CD in the disc tray with the label facing up. CD’s can only be played on one side. • To remove a CD from its storage case, press down on the centre of the case and lift the disc out, holding it carefully by the edges. • Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped off the CD's signal surface (glossy side) with a soft dry cloth. Unlike a conventional record, the CD has no grooves to collect dust and microscopic debris, so gently wiping it with a soft dry cloth should remove most particles. • Wipe the disc in a straight motion from the inside out. Small dust particles and stains will have absolutely no effect on reproduction quality. • Never use chemicals such as record sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzine or thinners to clean a compact disc. Such chemicals would irreparably damage the surface. • Store the discs in their cases when not in use to avoid serious scratches which could cause the laser pickup to skip. • Do not expose the discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, or high temperatures for extended periods. Long exposure to high temperatures can warp the discs. • Do not stick paper or write anything with a ballpoint pen on the disc surface. LOADING DISCS 1. Switch the power on at the back of the unit. Press any button on the front panel or remote handset to return from Standby. 2. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the front or DISC on the handset. The disc tray will open. If the disc tray gets jammed while opening, it will stop and close automatically. 3. When the disc tray has opened fully, take a normal size (12 cm) disc from its case and place it carefully in the tray with the label facing up. To play an 8 cm single place it in the inner groove of the tray with the label facing up. NOTE: Only load one disc at a time. The side opposite the label is the signal side. Handle the disc carefully to avoid leaving fingerprints on its surface. Play Open/ Stop Pause Close CD Label Surface Disc Tray 4. To close the disc tray, press the OPEN/CLOSE button (DISC button on remote) again or gently push the tray in. When the tray is fully closed, with a correctly loaded disc, the disc will start turning automatically and the TOC (table of contents) will be read. The disc will then stop and the TOC will be displayed, i.e. the total number of tracks on the disc and the total playing time of the disc. The CD player is now ready to play. NOTE: If after you load the disc you press the PLAY button to close the tray, the disc will automatically start playing from the beginning of track one. CD53 & CD50 Compact Disc Player REMOVING THE DISC The disc tray can be opened at any time by pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button. Remove the disc only after the tray has fully opened. CAUTION • Do not put anything except a Compact Disc into the tray. Foreign objects can damage the mechanism. DVD’s will not play. • Do not force the tray by hand during the opening and closing operations. • To avoid dirt and dust entering the mechanism, keep the disc tray closed when the CD...

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