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Istruzioni per l'uso Denon, Modello DCD-2000AE

Produttore : Denon
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Foto e specifiche   Denon  DCD-2000AE
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If it is damaged or deformed, it may cause electric shock or malfunction when used. When disconnecting the power supply cord from the wall outlet, hold the plug and do not pull on the cord. • Do not open the top cover In order to prevent electric shock, do not open the top cover. If problems occur, contact your DENON dealer. • Do not place anything inside Prevent metal objects from entering the Super Audio CD player and avoid spilling liquids on it. Electric shock or malfunction may result. NOTE: • This Super Audio CD player uses a semiconductor laser. To ensure stable operation, it is recommended to use the set indoors at a temperature of 5°C (41°F) ~ 35°C (95°F). Please, record and retain the Model name and serial number of your set shown on the rating label. Model name : DCD-2000AE Timer-controlled playback......................................................10 Troubleshooting ........................................................................11 Main Specifications ..................................................................12 Serial No. 1 ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH Caution on handling Discs Holding discs 2 Super Audio CD Only Super Audio CD discs containing one of the logos Stereo shown at the right can be played on this set. There are three types of Super Audio CDs. q Single layer disc Single layer Super Audio CD with only an HD layer. w Dual layer disc Super Audio CD with a double HD layer, offering extended playing time and high sound quality. e Hybrid disc Two-layer Super Audio CD with an HD layer and a CD layer. The signals on the CD layer can be played on a regular CD player. • About the HD layer All Super Audio CDs contain an HD (High Density) layer with high density Super Audio CD signals. This layer can contain a stereo channel area, a multi-channel area, or both a stereo channel and multi-channel area. Types of Super Audio CDs Single layer disc Dual layer disc Hybrid disc HD layer HD layer CD layer NOTE: • This set is not equipped for multi-channel playback. HD layer 2 Compact Disc Only CD discs containing the logo shown at the right can be played on this set. 2 CD-R/-RW Disc It may not be possible to play CD-R or CD-RW discs, due to scratches, dirt, the recording condition or the recorder’s properties. Discs that have not been finalized cannot be played. NOTE: • CD’s with special shapes (heart-shaped CDs, octagonal CDs, etc.) cannot be played on this set. Attempting to do so may damage the set. Do not use such CDs. Avoid touching the surface of discs when loading and unloading them. Be careful not to get fingerprints on the signal surface (the side which shines in rainbow colors). Cleaning discs • Fingerprints or dirt on the disc may lower sound and picture quality or cause breaks in playback. Wipe off fingerprints or dirt. • Use a commercially available disc cleaning set or a soft cloth to wipe off fingerprints or dirt. Wipe gently from the Do not wipe with a middle outwards. circular motion. NOTE: • Do not use record spray or antistatic. Also do not use volatile chemicals such as benzene or thinner. Record Thinner Benzene spray Cautions on handling discs • Do not get fingerprints, grease or dirt on discs. • Be especially careful not to scratch discs when removing them from their cases. • Do not bend discs. • Do not heat discs. •Do not enlarge the center hole. • Do not write on the labeled (printed) side with a ball-point pen or a pencil. • Do not stick a label etc. on a disc. • Do not use discs on which the adhesive part of cellophane tape or glue used to attach the label is exposed, or discs with traces of tape or labels that have been peeled off. Such discs may get stuck inside the player, resulting in damage. •Water droplets may form on the surface if the disc is moved suddenly from a cold place to a warm one. Do not use a hairdryer, etc., to dry the disc. 2 ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH Inserting the batteries • The DCD-2000AE can be controlled from a distance using the included remote control unit (RC-997). q Remove the remote control unit’s rear cover. w Place 2 R03/AAA batteries in the battery compartment in the direction indicated by the marks. e Close the rear cover. Cautions on Batteries: • Use R03/AAA batteries in this remote control unit. • Replace the batteries with new ones approximately once a year, though this depends on the frequency with which the remote control unit is used. • If the remote control unit does not operate from close to the main unit, replace the batteries with new ones, even if less than a year has passed. • The included batteries are only for verifying operation. Replace it with a new battery as soon as possible. • When inserting the batteries, be careful to do so in the proper direction, following the < and > marks in the remote control unit’s battery compartment. •To prevent damage or battery fluid leakage: •Do not use a new battery with an old one. • Do not use two different types of batteries. • Do not short-circuit, disassemble, heat or dispose of ...

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