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Istruzioni per l'uso Safety 1st, Modello 48400

Produttore : Safety 1st
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(800) 544-1108 Styles and colors may vary. Distributed by Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., 2525 State Street, Columbus, IN 47201-7494 In Canada: 12345 Albert-Hudon, Suite 100, Montreal-N, QC Canada H1G 3K9 08/04 4358-3537 ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. TOOLS NEEDED: SCREWDRIVER. KEEP SMALL PARTS AWAY FROM CHILDREN DURING ASSEMBLY. To Install NOTE: ONLY USE THE LEVER HANDLE LOCK ON INTERIOR DOORS. DO NOT USE THE LEVER HANDLE LOCK ON A DOOR THAT LEADS OUTSIDE. 1. Choose which side of the door you wish to install the lever lock. Note: Install the lever lock on the side of the door you wish to prevent your child from entering. 2. Remove screws from existing lever handles and remove handles from door. 3. Align the adapter plate with the internal components of the chosen handle, (Fig. A). Push out the tabs on the adapter plate which corresponds with the internal screw posts or other obstructions by the handle mechanism, (Fig. B). Note: One spare adapter plate is included. 4. Fit adapter plate into back of lever handle lock, (Fig. C). Note: Make sure the arrows are facing up (as shown in inset of Fig. C) and pointed posts are facing towards the door. 5. Align lever handle lock with existing lever handle hole in door. Fit both lever handles into place and reinstall with existing screws. Note: Locking button should be beneath the handle, (Fig. D). To Use 1. To Lock Lever Handle: Depress locking button and slide toward lever handle until button clicks and locks. 2. To Unlock Lever Handle: Depress locking button and slide button away from lever handle. To Disengage 1. Unscrew lever handle and remove both handles from door. 2. Remove lock and reinstall both lever handles. CAUTION: This product is only a deterrent. It is not a substitute for proper adult supervision. Discontinue use when child becomes old enough to defeat it. Troubleshooting If door can still be opened: If lever still moves enough to open door, the locking button may not be close enough to handle. Reposition lock by rotating it slightly so there is no gap between locking button and lever. You can customize adapter plate to fit this new position (Fig. E). EL MONTAJE DEBE REALIZARLO UN ADULTO. HERRAMIENTA NECESARIA: DESTORNILLADOR. EN EL PROCESO DE MONTAJE, MANTENGA LAS PIEZAS PEQUENAS LEJOS DEL ALCANCE DE LOS NINOS. Instalacion NOTA: UTILICE ESTE SEGURO EXCLUSIVAMENTE EN PUERTAS INTERIORES. NO USE ESTE SEGURO EN PUERTAS QUE ABRAN AL EXTERIOR. 1. Decida en que lado de la puerta desea instalar el seguro para la manilla. Nota: Instale el seguro en el lado de la puerta donde desea impedir que el nino accione la manilla. 2. Quite los tornillos de las manillas y retire ambas manillas de la puerta. 3. Ponga la placa adaptadora alineada con los componentes internos de la manilla que haya seleccionado (Figura A). Empuje hacia afuera las pestanas de la placa adaptadora que pudieran interferir con los tornillos u otros elementos internos del mecanismo de la manilla (Figura B). Nota: Se incluye una...

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