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Istruzioni per l'uso Hotpoint, Modello WE26

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! Read this user guide thoroughly. It contains important information about how to use this wine cellar, how to install it, and how to operate it safely. ! Should you need to move the wine cellar, keep it in a vertical position. Location and Power Connection Remove packaging 1. Immediately remove the packaging and check to make sure your wine cellar has not been damaged during transportation. If it is damaged, contact your Retailer immediately. 2. Carefully remove the packaging and stickers that protect the product. Open the door and check the components to make sure they are not damaged. 3. Take out the power cable. Location 1. The wine cellar should be located in a well-ventilated, non-humid open area (do not place it in closets). 2. Place the wine cellar far away from any heat sources. Power Connection After transportation, let the wine cellar stand in its intended location for at least 3 hours before you plug it in. Before the power is connected, make sure of the following: • the wall-outlet should be grounded (earthed) and it must meet the local electric code; • the wall-outlet should be sufficiently rated to supply the wine cellar's maximum power consumption, indicated in the Technical Information on the right or on the wine cellar's data plate on the bottom right (see Product Description); • the voltage should be as indicated in the Technical Information or on the wine cellar's data plate on the bottom right (see Product Description); • the wall-outlet should be compatible with the wine cellar's plug. If not, replace the outlet or the plug. Do not use extension cords or power strips. ! Once installed, the power cord and the plug must be easy to access. ! The power cable should never be crushed or bent. ! The power cord should be regularly checked and, if necessary, replaced only by a qualified technician. ! The manufacturer cannot be held responsible if these procedures are not followed. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Model WE26 Temperature 1 Zone Width cm 59 Measurements Height cm 68 Depth cm 56,2 Weight** 76 Kg Weight 97 kg Wattage 120 W Energy Consumption 0,9 kWh / 24h Voltage* 220 V Frequency* 50 Hz * These values will vary for each country. For specific product characteristics, check the wine cellar's data plate. ** When empty. 2 Product Description Interior Parts GB CONTROL DOOR PANEL BOTTLE AGEING SHELVES DATA PLATE COMPARTMENT Control Panel ON LIGHT DISPLAY LIGHT CURRENT TEMPERATURE REDUCE TEMPERATURE COOLING LIGHT INDICATOR LIGHT INCREASE TEMPERATURE POWER CONNECTION LIGHT ON/OFF BUTTON 3 Using the wine cellar GB Bottle ageing compartment The ageing compartment's main function is that of guaranteeing that your wines are preserved in optimal conditions. The wine cellar's temperature was factory pre-set at 15° C, a temperature that is considered optimal for most wines. Wine has a complex nature and it derives from a long and slow process. In order to best express its attributes, very specific conditions are necessary. All wines are preserved at the same temperature, but, depending on their different characteristics, wines are served and tasted at very different temperatures (see the Table of ideal wine temperatures). Therefore, just as for manufacturers' wine cellars, for your new appliance, the absolute temperature value is not important for preserving your wine. Rather, the constant temperature through time is important. Wine preservation is ideal at any temperature, as long as that temperature does not vary. Manual temperature control Should you need to adjust the temperature inside the wine cellar, follow the instructions below: 1. When you plug in your wine cellar, the display shows the temperature that has been set 2. Press the UP button (see Control Panel) for one second. The temperature will begin to blink. 3. Press the + or – buttons until you reach the desired temperature. 4. Wait 5 seconds for the temperature to stop blinking. 5. Wait until the wine cellar reaches its temperature before you place the wine bottles inside. The inside light does not go on (or it goes off temporarily) when the inside temperature goes over 24° C. This allows you to reach the pre-set temperature more quickly. 4 Table of ideal wine temperatures This table indicates the approximate temperatures at which wine should be served. Should one of your wines need to be served at a temperature that is greater than the temperature inside your wine cellar, we suggest that you leave it wine out for the time that is necessary before you serve it. GB Amarone della Valpolicella 17°C Barbaresco 17°C Barolo 17°C Beaujolais 13°C White liquered Bordeaux 6°C Dry White Bordeaux 8°C Red Bordeaux 17°C White Bourgogne 11°C Red Bourgogne 18°C Brunello 17°C Champagne 6°C Chianti Classico 16°C Languedoc-Roussillon 13°C Passito di Pantelleria 6°C Rose Provence 12°C Dry and Sweet Sparkling Wines 6°C Verdicchio di Matelica e dei Castelli di Jesi 8°C White wines from Trentino Alto Adige 11°C Franciacorta White Wines 11°C Dry aromatic white wines 1...

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