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Istruzioni per l'uso Axis Communications, Modello Video Server AXIS 241SA

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At the maximum level High, there is a risk of reducing useful audio as well. There is a trade-off between noise cancelling and sound quality. In other words, increasing the Noise canceller attenuation value compromises sound quality. Adjust the threshold and the attenuation to an optimum level by listening and changing the levels. Live View Config Layout These are the tools for deciding the layout of the Live View page. The layout can be set in two ways: •Use Axis look - the layout is unchanged. •Use custom settings - modify the default page with your own colors, and images. Click the Configure button to view the options. The other settings on this page relate to buttons and links to include in the Live View page. See page 30 for more information. The appearance of the default AXIS 241QA/AXIS 241SA Live View page can be customized to suit your own requirements, or you can upload and use your own home page. To upload your own files, click the Upload/Remove button and see the description below. Note that the setup address is address>/operator/basic.shtml Your own web files, and background pictures must first be uploaded to the AXIS 241QA/AXIS 241SA before they are available for selection in the Custom Settings page. To use an external file located somewhere other than in the AXIS 241QA/AXIS 241SA, select the External radio button and enter the URL in the field marked External. Select the background and text colors from the drop-down lists. To add a background picture, a banner and/or a logo, select your uploaded file or specify the location of an external file as described above. Banners and logos can also be linked to web addresses. Include a title to be shown above the video stream and/or a description displayed below the video stream. To use a previously uploaded web page as the default page, check the Own Home Page box, select the page from the drop-down list and click OK. Select a single video source or the quad view to use as the default view on the Live View page. Select the default video format to use on the Live View page. Check the box against Show video format selection to view the drop-down list on the Live View page. Here you can temporarily change the format. Select from the drop-down list the viewer you wish to use for your web browser. Please see the online help for more information. Show viewer toolbar - enables display of the viewer’s own toolbar under the image. Enable MPEG-4 decoder installation - the administrator can enable or disable the installation of the MPEG-4 decoder included with AMC. This is used to prevent the installation of unlicensed copies. Further decoder licenses can be purchased from your Axis dealer. Show crosshair in PTZ joystick mode - this enables the display of a crosshair in the video image when the PTZ mode is set to joystick. Use PTZ joystick mode as default - sets the PTZ joystick mode as the default mode. Enable recording button - allows the user to start an MPEG-4 recording directly from the Live View page. The manual trigger buttons can be used to manually start and stop an event from the Live View page. See Pan Tilt Zoom, on page 32. The Show snapshot option allows you to take a snapshot of the video stream and save it to a computer. Enter a descriptive name and the URL in the field provided. The link appears on the Live View page. User defined CGI links can be used to issue HTTP API requests, such as PTZ commands. Example: These links appear in the web interface and can be used to control the PTZ camera. For more information on VAPIX® AXIS Communication’s powerful API, see the Developer pages at the Axis web site See also the section on PTZ, on page 37. HTML Examples Live video from the Axis video server can be added to your own web page. Select the preferred video format from the Select video format drop down list. The available options are Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 using AMC, and MPEG-4 using QuickTime. If MPEG-4 using AMC is set as the video format, note that a separate MPEG-4 license is required for each viewer. The Motion JPEG selection has additional settings for Image Type, Image size and Optional settings for configuring the video stream to suit your web page. Click Update when satisfied. The video server then generates the required source code for your configuration. Copy this code and paste it into your own web page code. External Video You can add links to other Axis network devices available over the network. These sources can be displayed on the Live View page, just as if they were video sources connected directly to the AXIS 241QA/AXIS 241SA. Click the Add... button to open the External Video Source Setup dialog, and define the necessary settings. Example of a path to an external video source: Sequence Mode The live view page can be configured to rotate through selected internal and/or external video sources, in order or at random. PTZ preset positions can also be included. Select the desired video sources and enter ...

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