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Istruzioni per l'uso Creek Audio, Modello Evolution 2

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The functions and operation of the EVOLUTION 2 are very simple. However, the following notes are provided to explain all aspects of its design and use. MAINS CONNECTION When unpacking the amplifier please keep the packing material in a safe place for possible future use. In the pack there is a separate mains cable suitable for connecting to the mains supply in the country of use. The IEC socket end of the cable should be firmly inserted into the connector on the rear panel marked "Mains Input". Before switching on the amplifier check the voltage selector switch on the rear panel to ensure it is set correctly to the voltage of the country in which the amplifier is being used. Remember, do not overload the mains wall socket with too many plugs or adaptors. The high quality performance of the amplifier will be impaired if the electrical supply to it is in poor condition. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician or your dealer. The ‘Mains Input’ connection is also fitted with a fuse. The value is clearly stated on the rear panel. INPUT CONNECTION AND SWITCHING The rotary selector switch on the left-hand side of the amplifier is used to select and listen to any of the desired inputs. There are four inputs plus tape, which is selected by the button marked tape. The selected input will appear in the display. All line level inputs have the same sensitivity. It is not absolutely necessary to use the precise inputs as designated, with the exception of the AV Direct. You may, for example, plug a CD player into the Tuner input and obtain exactly the same result or performance as the dedicated CD input. However, you need to be aware that the front panel display will always reflect the input as designated on the rear panel. Therefore our recommendation would always be to connect to the designated input. The AV Direct input is for use with a surround sound processor. This input caters specifically for those people who are more than happy with their AV solution, but not happy with the stereo option. To connect from a processor, it is necessary to run an interconnect from the front pre-outs to the AV Direct input. The Evolution 2 amplifier then becomes a standalone amplifier for front speaker use in 5.1 mode. When the AV Direct input is selected in this configuration, the Evolution 2’s signal level is not controlled by its volume knob. The pre-amp output and the power amp input is available through RCA sockets on the rear panel. However, when using an external device, such as a sub-woofer to extend the lower frequencies of your stereo speakers for example, the sub-woofer should be connected to the pre-amp output. For added flexibility, the first input on the EVOLUTION 2 can be used either for vinyl disc or auxiliary line. To connect your turntable, it is necessary to have the optional Sequel phono plug-in board fitted. Alternatively Creek Audio produces a separate range of phono pre-amplifers, which should be connected to the Aux input. EVOLUTION 2 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FRONT PANEL The front panel from left to right features a rotary selector knob, tape switch, display panel, volume control knob, headphone socket and on/off switch. REAR PANEL The rear panel from left to right features mains inlet, voltage selector switch, R & L speaker terminals, AV Direct/Power amp input, pre-amp and tape outputs, and tape, tuner, CD and aux/phono inputs. LOUDSPEAKER CONNECTIONS The loudspeakers should be connected using a suitable pair of cables designed specifically for audio use. Two pairs of screw terminals allow for either bare wire, 4mm plugs or spade lug connectors to be passed through the hole or around the bush. Tighten the terminal fully after fitting the speaker wire. Please consult your dealer for advice if you are unsure. It is very important to connect the loudspeakers to the loudspeaker terminals in the correct phase. Cables are normally polarised with a line or a raised bump on the positive side. If one channel is not connected in the same fashion as the other, a severe loss of bass performance and a spreading of the stereo image will result. It is very important not to short the loudspeaker cables together when the other ends are still connected to the amplifier, as permanent damage can result. If it is necessary to move or change the location of the loudspeakers, make sure that you first switch off the amplifier from the mains. VOLUME CONTROL/OPERATION The volume can be controlled via the volume control knob situated on the right hand side of the front panel or remotely with the Creek SRC3 remote handset. The volume control is used to alter the relative level of the sound output from the amplifier. It is important to realise that the volume control only acts to reduce, or attenuate, the incoming signal to the power amplifier stage. The maximum power of the amplifier is available only if the level of signal available from the line level equipment is sufficient to drive it to maximum power (clippin...

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