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Istruzioni per l'uso Makita, Modello 6337D

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1234 2600 10 60 min. 1235 3000 10 70 min. 1422 2000 12 45 min. 1433 2200 12 50 min. 1434 2600 12 60 min. 1435 3000 12 70 min. 1822 2000 15 45 min. 1833 2200 15 50 min. 1834 2600 15 60 min. 1835 3000 15 70 min. Switch action (Fig. 3) CAUTION: Before inserting the battery cartridge into the tool, always check to see that the switch trigger actuates properly and returns to the "OFF" position when released. To start the tool, simply pull the switch trigger. Tool speed is increased by increasing pressure on the switch trigger. Release the switch trigger to stop. Reversing switch action (Fig. 4) This tool has a reversing switch to change the direction of rotation. Depress the reversing switch lever from the A side for clockwise rotation or from the B side for counterclockwise rotation. When the reversing switch lever is in the neutral position, the switch trigger cannot be pulled. CAUTION: • Always check the direction of rotation before operation. • Use the reversing switch only after the tool comes to a complete stop. Changing the direction of rotation before the tool stops may damage the tool. • When not operating the tool, always set the reversing switch lever to the neutral position. Speed change (Fig. 5) To change the speed, first switch off the tool and then slide the speed change lever to the "2" side for high speed or "1" side for low speed. Be sure that the speed change lever is set to the correct position before operation. Use the right speed for your job. CAUTION: • Always set the speed change lever fully to the correct position. If you operate the tool with the speed change lever positioned halfway between the "1" side and "2" side, the tool may be damaged. • Do not use the speed change lever while the tool is running. The tool may be damaged. Selecting action mode (Fig. 6) This tool has an mode change lever. For drilling, depress the lock button and then slide the action mode change lever to the left ( f symbol). For screwing, slide the action mode change lever to the right ( U symbol) until it is locked. If it is hard to turn the lever, first turn the chuck slightly in either direction and then turn the lever again. CAUTION: • Always slide the action mode change lever all the way to your desired mode position. If you operate the tool with the lever positioned halfway between the mode symbols, the tool may be damaged. • Do not use the action mode change lever while the tool is running. The tool may be damaged. Adjusting the fastening torque (Fig. 7) The fastening torque can be adjusted in 16 steps by turning the adjusting ring so that its graduations are aligned with the pointer on the tool body. FIrst, slide the action mode change lever to the position of U symbol. The fastening torque is minimum when the number 1 is aligned with the pointer, and maximum when the marking is aligned with the pointer. The clutch will slip at various torque levels when set at the number 1 to 16. Before actual operation, drive a trial screw into your material or a piece of duplicate material to determine which torque level is required for a particular application. CAUTION: • The adjusting ring does not lock when the pointer is positioned only halfway between the graduations. ASSEMBLY CAUTION: Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before carrying out any work on the tool. Installing or removing driver bit or drill bit (Fig. 8) Hold the ring and turn the sleeve counterclockwise to open the chuck jaws. Place the bit in the chuck as far as it will go. Hold the ring firmly and turn the sleeve clockwise to tighten the chuck. To remove the bit, hold the ring and turn the sleeve counterclockwise. When not using the driver bit, keep it in the bit holders. Bits 45 mm long can be kept there. (Fig. 9) OPERATION Screwdriving operation (Fig. 10) First slide the action mode change lever to the position of U symbol and select the fastening torque. Place the point of the driver bit in the screw head and apply pressure to the tool. Start the tool slowly and then increase the speed gradually. Release the switch trigger as soon as the clutch cuts in. CAUTION: • Make sure that the driver bit is inserted straight in the screw head, or the screw and/or bit may be damaged. • When driving wood screws, predrill pilot holes to make driving easier and to prevent splitting of the workpiece. See the chart. Nominal diameter of wood screw (mm) Recommended size of pilot hole (mm) 3.1 2.0 – 2.2 3.5 2.2 – 2.5 3.8 2.5 – 2.8 4.5 2.9 – 3.2 4.8 3.1 – 3.4 5.1 3.3 – 3.6 5.5 3.7 – 3.9 5.8 4.0 – 4.2 6.1 4.2 – 4.4 • If the tool is operated continuously until the battery cartridge has discharged, allow the tool to rest for 15 minutes before proceeding with a fresh battery. Drilling operation First, slide the action mode change lever to the position of fsymbol. • Drilling in wood When drilling in wood, the best results are obtained with wood drills equipped with a guide screw. The guide screw makes drilling easier by pull...

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