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Istruzioni per l'uso Panasonic, Modello PVDF204

Produttore : Panasonic
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Facilità d'uso

4 Press ^Ў to select “CAPTION”. 5 Press SET to display CAPTION screen. 6 Press ^Ў to select “CAPTION MODE.” 7 Press SET repeatedly to select “OFF.” MAINMENUDVDLOCKLANGUAGETVCLOCKCHSELECT:SET:SETEND:ACTIONSETUPTVCAPTIONINPUTSELECT:TUNERSETUPVIDEO/AUDIODVDVOLADJUST:+2SELECT:SET:SETEND:ACTIONCAPTIONCAPTIONMODE:OFFCCONMUTE:CAPC1SELECT:SET:SETEND:ACTIONCaption On Mute Feature TV Operation • When a disc supporting closed captions is used, the subtitle and the closed caption may overlap. In this case, turn the subtitle or caption mode off. (See page 50.) 10Press ACTION three times to return to the normal screen. 11 Press MUTE to mute the sound and display closed captioning. • To cancel, press MUTE again. 8 Press ^Ў to select “CC ON MUTE.” 9 Press SET repeatedly to selectdesired mode. • The caption may be broadcast over CAP C1or C2. CAPTIONCAPTIONMODE:OFFCCONMUTE:CAPC1SELECT:SET:SETEND:ACTIONNote NO CAP C1 CAP C2 CC ON MUTE: CAP C1 or C2 A narration of selected TV programs is displayed when MUTE button is pressed for silence. CC ON MUTE: NO A narration will not be displayed when MUTE button is pressed for silence. Recording and Playing Back a Closed Caption/Text Program Record: Record normally. Closed Caption/Textsignal, if present, is recorded automatically. Playback: Start playback. Perform steps to selectdesired caption mode. 27 28 For assistance, please call : 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or, contact us via the web at:1 Do steps 1 - 5 at left. 2 Press ^Ў to select “AUDIO MENU.” 3 Press SET to select desired mode. 4 Press ACTION three times to end setup. • The effects of this feature on the signal are not output to the Audio/Video Output Connector. • When AUDIO MENU mode is “AUTO,” the AUDIO ADJUST setting will be “STANDARD.” • AUDIO MENU settings remain in memory. • VIDEO MENU settings do not remain in memory. 6 Press ^Ў to select “VIDEO MENU.” 7 Press SET repeatedly to select desired mode. 8 Press ACTION three times to end setup. NORMAL Factory setting. MOVIE Picture is adjusted for a movie-like feel. NIGHT Color and picture intensity are adjusted to be easier on the eyes for night viewing. This feature allows easy setting of picture and sound suitable for each program source. 1 Press ACTION to display MAIN MENU. 2 Press ^Ў<> to select “TV.” 3 Press SET to display SET UP TV screen. 4 Press ^Ў to select “SET UP VIDEO/AUDIO.” 5 Press SET to display. MUSIC Sound suited to music. (Factory setting) SPEECH Sound suited to dialogue. NORMAL AUTO [Audio AGC (Auto Gain Control)] The sound level is automatically adjusted to suit the program source. Low Standard High Volume level TV TV CD AUDIO MENU : NORMAL Volume level Low Standard High TV TV CD AUDIO MENU : AUTO

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