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Istruzioni per l'uso SoundMax, Modello SM-DVD5111

Produttore : SoundMax
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The initial factory setup is off. • Last Memory When this function is on, the unit can memorize the time elapsed from the last time you played the disc. Then at the next playing, it will resume playing from the memorized time. Audio setup • Speaker Setup DOWNMIX LT/RT: The audio out is Left and Right channels format even if the original sound is 5.1CH format. STEREO: The audio out format is stereo even if the original sound is 5.1CH. • Spdif Setup SPDIF OFF: no digital signal out (optical or coaxial output off), only analog audio output. SPDIF/RAW: no decoding on the amplifier digital signal input. SPDIF/PCM: the amplifier must be supported by PCM decoding or Dolby digital decoding function. • Karaoke setup You can switch the microphone on or off, adjust the microphone threshold, microphone volume and echo. Dolby Digital setup Dual Mono Stereo: stereo output signal, L-Mono: left output signal, R-Mono: right output signal, Mix-Mono: left and right output average signal. • Dynamic If watching large dynamic scope movie program at night, selecting this mode you can reduce the volume to a very low level, at the same time, to keep the fine details sound. In this case, this doesn't disturb the family and keep the quality sounds. General Audio Dolby Video Preference Dolby Digital Page Dual Mono Dynamic 13 Video setup • Component S-Video: set to this item when connecting to S-Video terminals. YUV: set video output in analog component video format when connecting to Y/U/V terminals. RGB: set video output in Red/Green/Blue format when connecting to SCART terminals. VGA: set to this item when connecting to VGA terminals. The player is always with signal output under all conditions, and if it is connected to the composite video display equipment, suggesting the linkage be set on "OFF". • TV Mode You can choose between progressive (P-SCAN) and interlaced output when playing with "YUV" or "RGB" mode. • Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast You can set the sharpness, brightness and contrast according to your preference. Preference (available when no disc is inside) • TV Type This unit is suitable for all kinds of TV systems. You can select one of the PAL, NTSC or AUTO. PAL: this system is used in CHINA, EUROPE, HONGKONG etc. AUTO: the TV system is auto switched according to the disc system. NTSC: this system is used in USA, TAIWAN, JAPAN etc. • Audio, Subtitle, Disc Menu These are the initial settings by your preference. If a setting is supported by disc content, it will work. Otherwise the disc default value works. And these settings can be changed respectively by pressing AUDIO and SUBTITLE button when playing. • Parental The control level is for parental to control playing content and protect your children from violence and erotic. The disc, the level of which is higher than the setting level cannot be played. • Password General Audio Dolby Video Preference Preference Page TV Type Audio Subtitle Disc Menu Parental Password Default General Audio Dolby Video Preference Video Setup Page Component TV Mode Sharpness Brightness Contrast 14 Change the password. The initial factory password is 137900. You can set your own password. If you forget your own password, you can use 137900 as general password. • Default Restore the initial factory settings. 15 Button functions OPEN/CLOSE Press OPEN/CLOSE button when power is on, the disc tray is pushed out. Put the disc on the tray with the title faced up. Press OPEN/CLOSE button again to close the disc tray and the unit starts playing automatically. POWER When playing, press POWER button on the panel or STANDBY button on the RC to turn off the unit, and standby mode will be activated; Press the button again, to turn on the unit and it will start playing. Note: The power is not fully turned off in standby state. If the unit will not be used for a long time, turn off the power by pressing POWER button on the panel or STANDBY button on the RC. TITLE When playing a DVD disc, press TITLE button to return to the main title menu of the disc. V-MODE Press V-MODE button to select the video output mode. SUBTITLE When playing a disc with multi-language subtitle, press SUBTITLE button continually, the subtitle languages are changed in a circle, and you can select the needed one. ANGLE When playing the disc with multi-angle, press ANGLE button to select the view angle. L/R/ST When playing Super-VCD, VCD, CD disc with multi-channel, press L/R/ST button to select left channel/right channel/stereo/mix audio output. MENU • When playing DVD disc, press MENU button once to return to the main menu of the disc. • When playing SVCD, VCD2.0 disc, press MENU button and the disc menu will be shown. Use cursor buttons to select contents in the menu. After loading the disc, the unit will enter the menu 16 automatically. Press MENU button, the TV screen shows PBC OFF. In this mode, the menu will not appear, press digit ...

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