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Istruzioni per l'uso Philips, Modello HD4269/00

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Portugues Pagina 28 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprego, desdobre e verifique a pag. 3. Dansk Side 32 • Hold side 3 opslaet mens De l.ser brugsanvisningen. Norsk Side 36 • Sla opp pa side 3 for De leser videre. Svenska Sid 40 • Ha sidan 3 utvikt nar ni laser bruksanvisningen. Suomi Sivu 44 • Pida sivu 3 auki samalla kun luet kayttoohjetta. 3 8 4 5 1 C E 2 3 6 6 9 12 3 9 D 10 11 7 12 HD 4269 HD 4269 HD 4269 HD 4269 HD 4268 A B 1 1 English Important • Read these instructions in conjunction with the illustrations before using the appliance. • Before plugging the appliance in, check if the voltage indicated at the bottom of the appliance is the same as the mains voltage in your home. • Never immerse the deep fat fryer in water. • Clean the various parts with a damp cloth prior to use. Ensure that they are thoroughly dry before filling the deep fat fryer with oil or fat. • Do not switch on the deep fat frying pan until you have filled it with oil or fat. When melting fat: initially select 160 °C / 320 °F and do not select a higher temperature until the fat is completely melted. Melt the pieces of fat on the bottom of the fryer and not in the frying basket. • Only use oils and fats which are recommended for deep fat frying. This information can be found on the packing of these oils/fats. • Always fill with oil or fat to the level between the measure indications MIN and MAX. Before you start frying, always check if there is still sufficiently oil/fat in the fryer. • Do not exceed the maximum quantities indicated in the table. Never fill the basket higher than up to 3. 4. If the basket is overfilled, hot fat/oil may flow over the fryer ridge. • Type HD 4269: During the process hot steam comes through the filter in the lid. Keep your hands and face away from this steam. • Keep the deep fat fryer out of the reach of children at all times especially when in use. • Do not let the mains cord hang over the edge of the table or sink. • Remove the plug from the mains socket after use, so that the oil or fat can cool down. Do not move the fryer until it has cooled sufficiently. • Keep these instructions for future reference. General description (fig. 1) A Lid For type HD 4269: with anti-smell filter. New filters can be obtained from your dealer. Fig. 2 shows how to remove the filter from the lid. B Frying basket with removable hand grip. The hand grip can be fixed to the frying basket following fig. 3; for removing proceed in reverse way. C Pilot lamp. This lamp is on as long as the deep fat frying fat/oil is being heated. D Temperature knob. E Cord storage. The mains lead (1 m, or approx. 4 ft.) can be pushed back into the housing. Prior to first use -Wash the frying basket in hot soapy water. -Pour some hot soapy water into the fryer and wash the inner side thoroughly. -Rinse the inside of the fryer well with clean water (using e.g. a cup). Dry well. Deep fat frying Important - for type HD 4268 only: Water vapour must be enabled to escape from the deep fat fryer while frying. Therefore, do not put the lid without an anti-smell filter on the fryer while actually frying food. Only use this lid in the following situations: • When lowering the filled frying basket into the hot oil/fat to catch any spatters (see fig. 7). • After use as a dust cover. -Fig. 4. Fill the (dry) deep fat frying pan with oil or fat to the indication line MAX (2 litres of oil or 1800 grammes of fat). Note: Never mix two different types of oil and/or fat. -Fig. 5. Type HD 4269: Place the lid (with anti- smell filter) on the deep fat frying pan. -Set the temperature knob to the desired position. -Fig. 6. Place the plug into the wall socket. The pilot lamp should now be lit. -Heat up the deep fry oil/fat for 15-20 minutes. During heating up, the pilot lamp will be on. When the oil/fat has gained the set temperature the light will go out. While frying the pilot light will come on from time to time to indicate that the oil/fat is being heated up again to the set temperature. - Fit the loose hand grip to the frying basket and 4 fill the basket outside the pan. For the best result use only the recommended quantities. -Fig. 7. Lower the filled basket carefully into the oil/fat. Use the lid to catch any oil splashes. -Fig. 8. Remove the hand grip from the frying basket. -Fig. 9. Type HD 4269: Put the lid on the pan. -Use the table for the correct frying times and temperatures. -After frying: remove the lid and fit the hand grip to the frying basket again. -Fig. 10. Lift the basket from the fat/oil and hook it to the rim of the fryer to let the fried food drain. Now the oil/fat in the fryer has the opportunity to gain the set temperature (approx. 3 to 5 minutes). -Fig. 11. Empty the fried food into a colander or strainer with fat absorbing paper (e.g. kitchen paper). -Remove loose particles with a skimmer from the oil/fat. -Remove the plug from the socket after use. -Fig. 12. Filter the oil/fat (if so desired) after cooling down sufficiently. (Please refer t...

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