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Istruzioni per l'uso Sony, Modello PlayStation Portable (PSP-1008)

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1 Select a category using the left or right button. 2 Select an item using the up or down button. 3 Press the button to confirm the selected item. GB RU DE IT NL PT 3 This document describes basic operations of the PSP™ system. For detailed instructions, refer to the online user’s guide (page 23). POWERHOLDSELECTHOMEVOLSTART Directional buttons: Used to select categories/items button: Cancels selected operations HOME button: Returns to the Home Menu button: Confirms selected items button: Displays the options menu/control panel Select an icon, and then press the button to display the options menu. While playing content, press the button to display the control panel. Control panel Options menu Icons 4 01 Preparation Checking the package contents Check that you have all of the following items. If any items are missing, contact the appropriate PSP™ customer service helpline which can be found within every PSP™ format software manual. POWERHOLDSELECTHOMEVOLSTART5V AC Adaptor PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system Printed Materials Battery Pack GB RU DE IT NL PT 5 Preparation Checking the package contents About the PSP™ system documentation The PSP™ system documentation includes the following: • Safety and Support Before using the product, carefully read this document first. It contains safety information related to the use of the PSP™ system, troubleshooting, specifications and other information. • Quick Reference (this document) This document contains information on basic hardware operations of the PSP™ system. • User’s Guide (access from : eu.playstation.com/manuals) This online document is accessed through the Internet and contains detailed information related to the use of the PSP™ system software ( page 23). Supplied with the Value Pack only Headphones with Remote Control Memory stick Duo™ (32 MB) Pouch Wrist Strap Cloth Charging the battery Before using the PSP™ system for the first time after purchase, you must follow these steps to charge the battery. Caution• The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. • Do not plug the AC Power Cord for the PSP™ system into an electrical outlet until you have made all other connections. NoticeDo not use the PSP™ system with the AC Adaptor when the Battery Pack is not inserted in the system. If the AC Adaptor is disconnected suddenly, it may result in damage to the system. 1 Insert the Battery Pack. While holding down the PUSH button, slide the battery cover in the direction of the arrow. Align the bottom surface of the Battery Pack with the system to attach the battery. UMDPUSHPU12 Align the tabs, and then slide the cover in the direction of the arrow until it locks firmly into place. UMDPUSH43 02 Preparation Preparing the PSP™ system for use 2 Attach the AC Adaptor to charge the battery. POWERHOLDSELECTHOMEVOLSTART12The POWER indicator lights up in orange, indicating that charging has begun. The POWER indicator will turn off when the battery is fully charged. POWER indicatorTo electrical outlet Initial setup 1 Slide the POWER/HOLD switch up. POWER/HOLD switchPOWERHOLDSTARTSELECT The POWER indicator lights up in green, and the initial setup screen is displayed. 2 Follow the on-screen instructions to make settings for system language, time zone, date and time and nickname. When you have completed initial setup, the Home Menu ( page 2) is displayed. • See "Using the on-screen keyboard" ( page 24) for information on entering characters. • Settings made during initial setup can be changed later in (Settings). See the user’s guide ( page 23) for details. Preparation Preparing the PSP™ system for use System 03 Preparation Part names and functions OPEN latch (top) ( page 12) LCD screen R button L button POWERHOLDSELECTHOMEVOLSTART Directional buttons button button Memory Stick Duo™ access indicator ( page 13) button button POWER indicator ( page 10) WLAN switch (left side) POWER/HOLD switch (right side) ( page 10) WLAN access indicator Lights up when using the wireless LAN feature Analog stick HOLD indicator ( page 10) Strap holder HOME START button SELECT button HOME button Displays the Home Menu Sound button ( page 9) Volume - button Display button ( page 9) Volume + button Using the sound button Press and release Each time you press the button, the tone changes among HEAVY POPS JAZZ UNIQUE OFF. *1 Press for more than one second The sound is muted. *2 *1 : The tone can be changed only when using headphones. Also, the tone setting is temporarily set to “OFF” during gameplay. *2 : To clear muting, press the sound button again. You can also clear by pressing the volume + or volume - button on the system or on the Remote Control. Using the display button Press and release Each time you press the button, the display changes among three levels of screen brightness. *1 Press for more than one second The backlight turns off and the screen goes blank. *2 *1 : The highest level (level 4) can be selected only while the PSP™ system is plugged in...

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