Buffalo Technology TeraStation HS-DTGL/R5

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This will free up all hard.drives.listed.under.Disk.Structure.. To configure an unconfigured array, put checks next to the hard disks you want included in the.array.(under.Disk Structure).and.choose. your.RAID mode...Click.Setup RAID Array.when. ready. It may take several minutes to complete setting up the RAID array. When it’s finished, a Disk Check.will.run. 1 Advanced Settings Advanced Settings Disk Management (Disk Check) . When.RAID Configuration is done, you’ll see this screen. To configur

Buffalo Technology TeraStation HD-HTGL/R5

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Technical Support in Europe is available between the hours of 9am -6pm (GMT) Monday through Thursday and 9am-4:30 pm (GMT) Friday for this product. Customers in Europe can obtain Technical Support using the following information: Email: helpdesk@buffalo-technology.ie | Web: This user manual uses images representative of TeraStation user interfaces and software. Because we’re constantly updating our product, the images and text in this manual may vary slightly from the images and text displayed b

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If your print jobs seem to be locked up, clearing the print queue may resolve the issue. To execute the Delete Print Queue program, press the Delete button. This will clear all current print jobs. Users will have to re-send any incomplete print jobs to the printer. If there are still problems printing to the printer, then check the printer manufacturer’s documentation for troubleshooting information. Also, verify that the USB cable is securely fastened to both the printer and the TeraStation. Fi

Buffalo Technology TeraStation Pro II TS-HTGL/R5

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See page 55 for more information on using the TeraStation with a UPS. 1 TeraStation Layout TeraStation Layout Power Button – Press and release the Power Button to turn the TeraStation on. Hold it down for three seconds to turn the TeraStation off. Hard Drive Access – The Access LEDs will blink green when the associated hard drive is accessed. During startup, it’s normal for all the lights to blink. Hard Drive Cage – The tubular lock prevents physical access to hard drives when locked. See page 7

Buffalo Technology Rackmount TeraStation Pro TS-RHTGL/R5

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With its straightforward configuration GUI, anyone can easily configure the TeraStation’s settings. You don’t even necessarily need to configure it at all; right out of the box it’s ready to be plugged in and put to work. But the TeraStation remains a fast, reliable Linux-based server, with four hard drives that may be configured in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10 arrays. It also includes SAMBA 3.0, allowing it to join Active Directory domains, download users, passwords, and groups, and keep


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The carton should contain the following items: Main Unit (DriveStation) 1 Power Adapter 1 DriveStation Feet 2 USB 2.0 Cable 1 DriveNavigator Installation CD 1 Quick Setup Guides (this user’s guide) 1 If any items are missing or damaged, please contact the reseller or retailer from which the product was purchased. The front face of the DriveStation has a protective plastic film covering for protection from scratching during assembly and shipping. The film can be removed by peeling it away from an

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Connect the power plug to a power outlet. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a hub, switch, or router on the network. Press the power button on the front panel to turn your TeraStation on. Step : Check your Connection Step : Check your Connection Check the LINK/ACT LED on the front of the TeraStation. If it’s lit, then your TeraStation is connected to your network. Please turn to page 4 to continue setup. If the LINK/ACT LED on the front of TeraStation is not lit, your TeraStation is

Buffalo Technology HS-DTGL/R5

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When the Run dialog opens, type d:\setup.exe (where “d” is the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive). Press OK to continue. TeraNavigator should now be running. Press the Install Client Utility button, and then Start. When installation is finished, press Launch. Each TeraStation on the network will have a tab in the client utility. Make sure that your Terastation’s tab is selected, click Setup and choose Browser Management. Step 4: TeraStation Configuration Utility Step 4: TeraStation Configuration

Buffalo Technology LINKSTATION HS-DGL

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The film may be removed by peeling it away from any corner of the front face. v1.2 Step 1: Connect your Cables Step 1: Connect your Cables Plug LinkStation’s power cord into a power outlet. Then, plug the included Ethernet Cable into the Ethernet port on the back of LinkStation. Connect the other end of the Ethernet Cable into a hub, switch, or router on the network, or connect it directly to a PC. Connecting directly to a PC is not recommended. Many features, including DHCP, will not work when

Buffalo Technology DriveStation HD-HSIU2

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The utility cannot be used with other USB devices. Installation l) Insert your DriveNavigator CD in your computer's CD drive. To setup your DriveStation, click on the DriveStation Setup Wizard and follow the instructions. (Fig: 1) To install TurboUSB on your computer, Click on TurboUSB Utility button. Follow the wizard to complete the installation. BUFFALO DriveStation 1 EN Using TurboUSB 2 To use TurboUSB, you must first enable it. From the Start menu, choose Programs > BUFFALO > Turbo