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England's Works 24-JC

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Visit our web page at for helpful information, frequently asked questions, parts & accessory orders and more. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS UNIT DO NOT RETURN IT TO THE DEALER. CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE @ 1-800-245-6489. CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLATION CAUTION: This unit must be installed in accordance with these instructions and must comply with local building and fire codes. Failure to do so could result in a chimney or house fire, property d

England's Works 25-PI

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4. Remove the existing damper from the fireplace. If this cannot be done, open the damper and secure it so it will not close accidentally. 5. Place the insert on the hearth and slide it about one-third of the way into the opening. If the unit is still hanging over the edge of the hearth, it should be supported by blocks or the pallet which it was shipped on, to prevent it from inadvertently tipping off the front of the hearth. 6. Attach the pellet vent adapter (Part # PU-3079) to the exhaust blo

England's Works 50-TRW20

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This paint can be ordered from your local dealer or from the factory. E. Blower System (Part #AC-17) The blower system for this unit is placed under the ash lip and moves air under, around and finally exits over the top front of the stove. This blower should be removed and cleaned at least once a year; you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dust build-up, but do not disassemble the blower. This part has sealed bearings and does not require any oil. F. Glass Cleaning Even though this st

England's Works 55-TRP20

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Save These Instructions. IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS UNIT DO NOT RETURN IT TO THE DEALER. CONTACT TECHNICAL SUPPORT @ 1-800-245-6489. Please Note the Following Precautionary Statements: THIS PELLET INSERT IS NOT APPROVED FOR MOBILE HOME INSTALLATION. FOR MASONRY FIREPLACE INSTALLATION ONLY! NOTE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PELLET STOVES AS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF HEAT. CAUTION: Please read this entire manual before installation and use of this pellet fuel burning room heater. Keep children,

England's Works 50-SHW15

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If you need to place your unit closer it will require wall protection. There are many wall board manufacturers, and most require a one inch (1”) air space between the wall and the board. You can place your unit within twelve inches (12”) of some boards and reduce your clearance by two-thirds. In addition, the wallboard only needs to be six inches (6”) higher than the top of the stove; by placing the unit twelve inches (12”) from a combustible, the flue pipe will be closer than eighteen inches (1

England's Works 55-SHP20

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There are two motor assemblies on the unit, and both rest on a shelf when not in operation. When replacing a motor, the assembly should always be placed to rest on this shelf prior to starting the unit. Auger Bearings and Auger Shafts The auger bearings (Part # PU-UCF204-12) are a sealed unit and do not require lubrication. To replace the Top Auger, all the fuel must be removed from the hopper as well as from the Top Auger assembly. Once this is done, the four bolts that hold in the bearing can

England's Works 55TRP22

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Once powered on, the fan control switch (lower left switch) of the thermostat must be slid to the word “On” and the system control switch (lower right switch) must be slid to the “Heat” position, as shown below. 2 6. Consult the Owner’s Manual of your stove (and see the chart below) for more details on how the thermostat works with your control board to manage heat output and fuel usage. Stove Thermostat Function Stove Thermostat Function 25-PDV 55-SHP22 55-TRP22 Thermostat puts stove into i

England's Works 26-GBVNG

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If you have any questions or problems contact the Customer Service Department. CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT service@englanderstoves.com P.O. BOX 206 Parts Orders Only: (800-516-3636) MONROE, VA 24574 Questions/Help: (800-245-6489) (FAX: 434-929-4810) Trouble Shooting Guide Warning: To avoid electrical shock, always disconnect the unit before attempting any trouble shooting procedures (unless otherwise indicated in this manual). If the solution in this guide does not correct the problem, consult y

England's Works 49-TRC22

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When the internal temperature drops to 95 degrees the room air blower will cease to operate, and when the internal temperature drops to 90 degrees the exhaust blower will stop. The red light will then shut off and the entire stove will be shut down. The hotter the unit is operating, the longer it will take for the stove to complete the Shut-Down cycle. Note: The unit will exit the Shut-Down cycle if you press any buttons during Shut-Down. Note: If the room temperature stays above 70 degrees the

England's Works TRANQUILITY 50SVL17

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Keep children, furniture, fixtures and all combustibles away from any heating appliance. SAFETY NOTICE Failure to follow these instructions can result in property damage, bodily injury or even death. For your safety and protection, follow the installation instructions outlined in this manual. Contact your local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements (including permits) in your area. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Manufactured By: England’s Stove Works, In