Axis Communications 232d+

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GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) - GIF is one of the most common file formats used for images in web pages. There are two versions of the format, 87a and 89a. Version 89a supports animations, i.e. a short sequence of images within a single GIF file. A GIF89a can also be specified for interlaced presentation. GOV (Group Of VOPs) - A group of VOPs is the basic unit of an MPEG-4 video stream. The GOV contains different types and numbers of VOPs (I-VOPs, P-VIPs, etc.) as determined by the GOV lengt

Axis Communications 2130 PTZ

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Axis Communications 211a

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It includes instructions for using and managing the AXIS 210/210A/211/211A on your network. Previous experience of networking will be of use when using this product. Some knowledge of UNIX or Linux-based systems may also be beneficial, for developing shell scripts and applications. Later versions of this document will be posted to the Axis Website, as required. See also the product’s online help, available via the Web-based interface. Safety Notices Used In This Manual Caution! - Indicates a pot

Axis Communications 200+

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It includes everything you need to capture live images and deliver them to any desktop over intranets, the Internet, or mixed network environments. Just install the camera directly to your Ethernet network, ISDN line, or phone line via dedicated or wireless modem and you’ll be ready to view images via a standard Web browser in no time. It’s the easy way to enhance your remote monitoring systems and increase the value of your network. Wide Range of Applications Use the AXIS 200+ Web Camera for ev

Axis Communications 1440

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The EPSON Status Monitor was created for printing locally and cannot monitor your printer over a network. If you don’t turn off monitoring, you will see error messages when you try to print. If you are using the AXIS® 1440 Print Server with the EPSON Stylus® COLOR 760, EPSON Stylus COLOR 860, EPSON Stylus COLOR 1160, EPSON Stylus Photo 870, or EPSON Stylus Photo 1270, follow the steps under, “Disabling Monitoring for EPSON Status Monitor 3” (page 2). For all other printers, follow the steps in t