Senco 100mm nailer SN70

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Senco 18

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The FinishPro 18 brad nailer drives nails up to 2" into hard wood applications. Applications: Cabinets, small trim, furniture repair, case backs, baseboards, chair rails, picture frames, ornamentals FinishPrtf18 Features and Benefits: • Extra power: drives fastener up to 2" in hard wood applications • Belt hook - for convenience • Adjustable depth-of-drive • Rear exhaust - keeps oil and dust away from the work surface • Easy-open latch - for quick loading • Hardened steel driver - for e

Senco 25

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8485 Broadwell RoadCincinnati, Ohio 45244 © 2006 by Senco Products, Inc.Visit our Website consignes pour l’utilisation en toute securite de cet outil se trouvent dans ce manuel. Los avisos para el uso seguro de esta herramienta estan incluidos en este manual. Warnings for the safe use of this tool are included in this manual. Operating InstructionsInstrucciones de OperacionMode d'EmploiNFD93K Revised September 13, 2006Cordless Finish 2518 Gauge Finish Nailer TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLA DE MATERIAS S

Senco 2N1

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BRING ¡TON.' FinishPro2N1 ProSerles 18 Gauge Brad Nailer & Stapler The FinishPro 2N1 is lightweight, flexible and loaded with features. The 2N1 offers both brad nailing and stapling in a single tool for maximum versatility. The FinishPro 2N1 drives 18 gauge brad nails from 5/8" - 1-1/4" and 18 gauge staples from 1/2" - 1". Applications: Nailing: Furniture repair, cabinets, drawer assembly, case backs, small trim, chair rails, picture frames and ornamentals Stapling: Shelving, soffits, fasci

Senco 32

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Maintenir la piece a la main ou contre votre corps est instable et peut entrainer une perte de controle. . Use clamps or other practical ways to secure and support the workpiece to a stable platform. Holding the work by hand or against your body is unstable and may lead to loss of control. . Use mordazas u otro metodo practico para asegurar y soportar el lugar de trabajo en una plataforma estable. El sostener la pieza de trabajo con la mano o contra el cuerpo resulta inestable y puede ocasionar

Senco 41

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Senco 41XP

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FinishPro 41XP XtremePro™ 15 Gauge Finish Nailer INCLUDES Case Extreme work calls for extreme tools, and the FinishPro 41XP is up to the challenge! With a variety of features designed to make any job easier, the FinishPro 41XP is ideal for the most demanding Pro. Applications: Interior trim, exterior trim, crown molding, base molding, door and window casings, cabinets, chair rails, hardwood flooring FinishPrtf41 Features and Benefits: • Two-year limited warranty • Adjustable depth-of-d

Senco 42XP

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All backed by SENCO's NEW 5-Year limited warranty. INCLUDES Case Applications: Features and Benefits: 1 Thumb wheel adjustable depth-of-drive ' Comfort grip • NeverLube® technology - no lubrication required 1 EZ-Clear™ latch - to clear jams fast 1 Two No-Mar pads with onboard storage to protect work materials 1 Magnesium housing - lightweight and comfortable to use all day 1 360° adjustable exhaust • Construction ruler - for quick measurements 1 Advanced belt hook - convenient storage S

Senco 600 Series

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If the tool does Time Out (2 seconds), the safety element must be released to be reset. To drive a nail, position safety element against work surface and pull trigger...“Trigger Fire.” . b) Pull trigger and push safety element against work surface for operation each time the safety element is pushed against the work surface. This “bottom-fire” mode of operation is preferred when high speed, rapid fastener placement is desired. Note: Once the trigger is pulled, the safety element must be depresse

Senco 601

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Operating Pressure: 70-120 psig Mode of Operation: Available with either Dual Action or Restrictive Trigger activating mechanisms. Power: Tool Weight: Height: Length: Nail Capacity: The 601 nailers drive 2"- 3- V" smooth shank nails (Sencote® or plain) and 2"-3" ring shank nails. Shank diameters include .113, .120, and .131. 23/8 Best Value in the Industry! Clipped head nailers provide all the important features you want at an affordable price. These compact framers are easy to handle