Agatec L.P'G. G.E.P.V.(4OVEN)

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8&€ \4rv nn GASCONrrlEmONA.H. "V\"/. i.r{. 6DE V|EW cn F J KLMNPoRs mm148796? 851 41 1314 3S 3 698 65 375 48 595 11668 LOCATIONOF NAME PLATE The model and serial numbers for this applianceare found on the name plate.These numbers rn!stbe used when requesting advicefromyoufAgaDistributor.The name plateis located on the inside of the outef burner door. REMOVECOVERTO LOCATE C COMMISSIONING LIGHTINGTHEBURNER-(Erg4) CAUTION:NO SMOKING ORNAKED LIGHTS Openthe burner outer door to expose the gascontrol

Agatec G.C.P.V.

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\@'9,-4 G.E.P.V.(4Oven) (.e] For U.S. andCandianMarkets AND THE USER SHOULDBELEFTVMTHTHEAPPLIANCE NOTE:THESE INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION TO RETAIN FORFUTUREREFERENCE. The Gas fired rangesarc delivered unassembledBeforeinstallationcanbe made, the site is inspected fof .uiLuirltyby i" AifllorisedAgaDistributorand corrected whefe necessary toconformwiihlocal installation codes or in the absenceof local codes with: ln Canada: The CANiCGA-B149 installationcodes ln U.S.: The National Fuel Gas CodeANSI 2