Allegro Multimedia A1321

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The device should not be purchased for new design applications. Samples are no longer available. Date of status change: October 31, 2011 • for the A1321EUA-T and the A1321LUA-T use the A1324LUA-T • for the A1321ELHLT-T and the A1321LLHLT-T use the A1324LLHLX-T • for the A1322LUA-T use the A1325LUA-T • for the A1322LLHLT-T use the A1325LLHLX-T • for the A1323EUA-T and the A1323LUA-T use the A1326LUA-T • for the A1323LLHLT-T use the A1326LLHLX-T NOTE: For detailed information on purchasing

Allegro Multimedia A1302

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Fast power-on time . Ratiometric rail-to-rail output . 4.5 to 6.0 V operation . Solid-state reliability . Factory-programmed at end-of-line for optimum performance . Robust ESD performance Packages: 3 pin SOT23W (suffix LH), and 3 pin SIP (suffix UA) Not to scale Description The A1301 and A1302 are continuous-time, ratiometric, linear Hall-effect sensors. They are optimized to accurately provide a voltage output that is proportional to an applied magnetic field. These devices have a quiescent ou

Allegro Multimedia A1301

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100% (3) Sens(25.C) Ratiometric. The A1301 and A1302 feature a ratiometric output. This means that the quiescent voltage output, VOUTQ, and the magnetic sensitivity, Sens, are proportional to the supply voltage, VCC. The ratiometric change (%) in the quiescent voltage output is defined as: VOUTQ(VCC) VOUTQ(5V).VOUTQ(.V) = . 100% (4) 5V VCC and the ratiometric change (%) in sensitivity is defined as: Sens(VCC) Sens(5V) .Sens(.V) = . 100% (5) VCC 5V Linearity and Symmetry. The on-chip output stage