Brinkmann Turkey Fryer 815-3680-0, 815-3680-S, 815-3680-P, 815-3780-0, 815-3782-0, 815-3784-0

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Do not use on apartment balconies, campers or patios. 4. Do not leave cooker unattended when hot or in use. Only adults are to operate this cooker; keep children and pets safely away. Carefully monitor all activity around cooker to avoid burns or other injuries. 5. Hot oil or water can cause severe burns and permanent disfigurement; use caution and common sense when operating this product. • Do not move cooker while in use or while pan contains hot liquid. • Use caution when walking or standing

Brinkmann Stillwater Charcoal/Wood Smoker & Grill

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CAUTION: A metal bucket must be placed under the grease hole at Smoking all times to catch grease and/or ashes. Check grease level in bucket often and empty or change when w full. Use extreme caution as bottom of cooking chamber, container and contents will be hot. Metal Bucket (not included) Grease Drain Step 1 Place a charcoal grate in firebox. Place cooking grills in cooking chamber. Step 2 Follow instructions below carefully to build a fire in the firebox. You may use charcoal and/or wood as

Brinkmann SpotLigth

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Touching or wiping the surface will damage it permanently. • The lens is made of optical-quality, tempered glass. As with all glass, avoid dropping or sharp impact on spotlight. • Do not allow the hot lens to come in contact with water or materials subject to heat damage. • This spotlight is weather resistant. It is not waterproof. Do not use the spotlight under water or store outdoors. • Only use a Brinkmann 12-volt, halogen bulb that is designed for your Q-Beam spotlight. Use of any other bulb

Brinkmann SpotLight

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Make sure the reflector does not touch or bend the bulb while replacing spotlight head. Step 1: Disconnect spotlight from charger. Step 2: Remove front rubber cap from barrel of spotlight. Step 3: Pinch the wings of the glass retainer together and lift as illustrated. Glass& ReflectorRearHousing Glass Rubber Retainer Cap Step 4: Pull glass and reflector away from rear housing. Step 5: Pull old bulb straight out of bulb holder. Step 6: Make certain that "legs" on new bulb are straight. Insert "le

Brinkmann Solar Max Stainless Steel Tier

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The RBRC® program provides a convenient alternative to placing used Ni-Cd batteries into the trash or the municipal waste stream, which may be illegal in your area. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY™ for information on Ni-Cd battery recycling and disposal bans/restrictions in your area. The Brinkmann Corporation’s involvement in this program is part of our commitment to preserving our environment and conserving our natural resources. Top Housing Tabs Lens Battery Compartment Lids Batteries Top Housing

Brinkmann Solar Max Solar Powered L.E.D. Garden Accent Lights

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A dirty solar panel will not allow the battery to fully charge. This will shorten the life of the battery and cause the light to malfunction. Clean regularly with a dampened cloth or paper towel. Solar lights can be left outside year round, even in cold weather. However, if you wish to store your light indoors for more than two or three days, follow these steps to prevent damage to rechargeable batteries: • Store at room temperature in a dry location. • Store solar light where it can receive som

Brinkmann Solar Max Solar Powered L.E.D. Garden Accent Light

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Step 4 Charge in direct sunlight for 10-12 FULL, SUNNY DAYS. The light will turn on automatically at night. Allow at least 10-12 cycles (i.e., 10-12 days and nights of charging and discharging) for the battery to charge to its full capacity. Changing Battery Step 1 Remove lens from top housing by turning lens clockwise. Step 2 With top housing upside down (solar panel facing down), push tab on battery compartment lid and remove the lid. Step 3 Remove battery. Replace with new Ni-Cd rechargeable

Brinkmann Solar Max 822-B504-2

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ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Inspect contents of the Victorian Light Fixture 3-Piece Hanging Hook Ground Stake PARTS LIST: 1 2 3 1 2 3 Select a location with full, direct sunlight. Shady locations will not allow the battery to charge fully and will reduce the hours of nighttime light. NOTE: The rechargeable Ni-Cd battery must be allowed to fully charge to operate properly. Partially charging the battery on a consistent basis will drastically reduce the life of the battery. The selected location should

Brinkmann Solar Max 822-2507-8

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Therefore, the number of hours the light will stay on will be reduced during winter. 1 BEFORE FIRST USE – Pull out to remove the clear plastic strip with orange sticker in the light fixture to charge batteries. Your new solar light’s rechargeable Ni-Cd battery is fully charged and ready for use. Install the solar light in direct sunlight. For optimum performance, it is best to charge the solar light for a FULL, SUNNY DAY. The light will turn on automatically at night. The Ni-Cd rechargeable batt

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SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Step 1 Attach the ground stake to a pointed connector. Push approximately 3" of the ground stake into the ground. If the ground is too hard, soak area with water to soften. Step 2 Align the connector to the grooves on bottom of light head. Turn counter-clockwise to set in place. Step 3 Insert light head into ground stake. The photocell light sensor should point away from other nighttime light sources. Step 4 Charge in direct sunlight for 10-12 FULL, SUNNY D