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Be sure to check that the tank is not filling with foam. Use a defoaming agent to avoid pulling foam through vac motor. Should vac motor become wet, remove source of overflow and immediately run vac motor open to dry. At the end of each working day: 1. After each use, rinse tank with fresh water. Periodically inspect the recovery tank and decontaminate if necessary, using a Hospital Grade Virucide or a 1:10 bleach to water solution. Waste water should be disposed of properly. 2. Remove head asse

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This machine is for commercial use. WARNING DANGER: Failure to read and observe all DANGER statements could result in severe bodily injury or death. Read and observe all DANGER statements found in your Owner’s Manual and on your machine. WARNING: Failure to read and observe all WARNING statements could result in injury to you or to other personnel; property damage could occur as well. Read and observe all WARNING statements found in your Owner’s Manual and on your machine. CAUTION: Failure to re

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(9 kg) and; • Height is 27 inches (69 cm) or less . Preterm or Low Birth Weight Infants A preterm or low birth weight infant may be at special risk in a vehicle or aircraft. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, these infants may suffer breathing difficulties if improperly reclined in a car seat. Century advises that you have your physician or hospital staff evaluate your infant and recommend the proper car seat or car bed before you and your infant leave the hospital. INSTALLATION WI

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No car seat can guarantee protection from injury in every situation, but proper use helps reduce the risk of serious injury or death. c Registration Information Child restraints (car seats) could be recalled for safety reasons.You must register this restraint to be reached in a recall. Fill out the registration card attached to car seat and mail today or send your name, address, and the restraint's model number and manufacturing date to: Century Products Company 9600 Valley View Road Macedonia,

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To avoid burns, always check before putting child in car seat. . Dangerous Vehicle Seats . Vehicle Seat Protection Do not use car seat on rear-facing or Protect vehicle seat. Use a car seat mat, towel side-facing vehicle seats. or thin blanket under and behind car seat. HEIGHT and WEIGHT LIMITS . Outgrowing Car Seat To avoid injuries from whiplash, top of child’s ears must be below top edge of headrest. WARNING Child MUST meet all of the following requirements: • Weight is 30 - 40 lbs. (13.6 - 1

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DEDICATED TO QUALITY IMPORTANT INFORMATION Table of Contents Page: 1 Important Information 2 Warnings 3 Assembly and Use Playard Bassinet Changer 7 Folding and Storing Changer Bassinet Playard 9 Maintenance Cleaning 9 Replacement Parts Need Help? If you should have any problems with this product, call toll-free 1-800-837-4044 from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada or fax at 1-610-286-4555. Or write us at: Century Products P.O. Box 100 Elverson, PA 19520-9974 Attention: Customer Service Department P

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• Discontinue use of changer if infant can push up on hands and knees or sit unassisted. • DO NOT carry changer with infant in it. 1 Lay changer on flat surface. 2 Grasp middle of each long side and gently pull apart until short Triangular T-Fitting sides “click” and lock in place. Tab NOTE: Make sure changer sides are fully extended and locked. 3 With vinyl side facing up, insert two (2) “T-Fittings” on changer into “T-Slots” in bassinet and push down to secure. 4 Push Triangular Tabs into Tria

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Instruction Manual Avoid injury or death - Read and understand this manual! Para instrucciones en Espanol, llamar al: 1-800-837-4044 TABLE OF CONTENTS This instruction manual is for: • Breverra Ascend DX Booster Car Seat • Breverra Ascend SE Booster Car Seat Instructions for these models are the same unless otherwise noted. . Before You Begin Important Information.....................................1 Warnings.........................................................2 Basic Information...........

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NOTE: Brake levers must face rear of stroller. Rear Wheel Assembly Fold Locks Cross Tube ASSEMBLY continued 3 Secure Wheel to Axle as shown: • Push Connector onto Axle with Ribs facing in. • Slide Wheel onto Axle and push into Connector. • Slide Wheel Retainer onto end of Axle. Make sure large end of Wheel Retainer is towards Wheel. Wheel Retainer should snap into groove on end of Axle. • Snap wheel Retainer Cap over Wheel Retainer. • Line up Hub Cap tabs with slots in Wheel and snap Hub Cap in

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• Car seat may be placed in child’s tray slot either rear-facing or forward-facing. Rear-facing Forward-facing Tongue Slot Tongue Slot Forward-facing Snap Rear-facing Snap 1 Set both rear brakes to prevent stroller from moving. 2 Be sure handle is locked in upright carrying position. DO NOT lift car seat from arm bar until you have heard a “click” sound and have checked that handle is locked. 3 Pull Red Button on front of arm bar out and lift car seat. 4 After removing car seat, insert Tongue of