Daitsu LCD Display & TV

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A Wide Array of Sound Settings You can choose an optimal sound setting for the type of program you are watching. You can switch among the Music, Movie, News and Normal options , or you can configure the settings yourself. Favorite Channel Memory You can store your favorite channels in the order of preference for easy channel selection. Captions When you watch a captioned program, you can turn the caption option on to see English text on the screen. This feature also works with video CDs or video

Daitsu LCD 32

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.. Listening to the Dual Sound 1 Press the ( )button on the remote control to select Dual sound. Dual 1: Your national language. Dual 2: Foreign language will be selected by turn whenever you press the button. Displaying the TV Information 12:02 7 COMPONENT1 1080i 1 Press the ( ) button on the remote control to display the current channel, time. If you press this ( ) button again, the information disappear. 7 : Current Channel. PM 12:02 : Current Time (When the time is not set, --:--is displayed

Daitsu ASD 9U2

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• Doors or windows are open • The air filter is clogged with dust • The louver is not at the correct position. • The fan speed is set to low. • The temperature setting is too high or too low. Room air is smelly. A bad odor comes from the air conditioner. • Smells impregnated in the wall, carpet, furniture, clothing, or furs, are coming out. A white mist of chilled air or water is generated from the outdoor unit. CAUTIONS lf any of the following conditions occur, stop the air conditioner immediat

Daitsu ASD 129U11

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This unit should be instalied by qualified persons. DANGER Do not attempt to service the unit yourseif. This unit has no user serviceabie components, opening or removing the cover will expose you to dangerous voltage. Turning off the power suppiy will not prevent potential electric shock. DANGER Never put hands or objects into the air outiet of indoor and outdoor units. These units contain a fan running at high speed. Touching the moving fan will cause serious i njury. DANGER To avoid the risk o