EarthStone woofire oven

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Table of contents Instructions for moving and lifting oven Parts listInstallation procedures written portion Required clearances and air gaps Exhausting Operating instructions Maintenance instructions Type I Exhaust Hood Diagram Clearance Information Combustion air intake installation Page 1 2-5 6 4-10 11-12 12-13 14 15 16-17 INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFTING AND MOVING OVEN ATTENTION: Only proper heavy lifting machinery and handling equipment should be used for unloading, moving and installing the oven.

EarthStone EARTH STOVE BV400C-2

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P/N 775,005M Rev. M, 12/03 IMPORTANT WARNINGS IMPORTANT WARNINGS 1. If utilizing an older chimney, it must be inspected for adequate serviceability. Refer to the heading Chimney Inspection on page 4. 2. Install only in masonry fireplaces, built to UBC 37 or ULC S628 standards or A factory built fireplace built to UL 127 or ULC S610 standards. 3. The minimum clearances must be maintained for all combustible surfaces and materials including; furniture, carpet, drapes, clothing, wood, papers, etc.