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Fill water tank again and repeat basic operations previously outlined. yWARNINGy IMPROPER USE OF THE GROUNDED PLUG CAN RESULT IN THE RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. IF THE POWER CORD IS DAMAGED, HAVE IT REPLACED BY AN AUTHORIZED AVANTI PRODUCTS SERVICE CENTER. OPERATING YOUR WATER DISPENSER > Steps to replace water bottles • Use a clean cloth to wipe off neck of bottle. • Remove cap. • Carefully lift bottle (approx. 40 lbs.) using your legs and not your back. Do not place hands in opening of b

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Make sure that you use an appropriate dust collection system connected to your shaper. You may have to create or modify other shop ducting to achieve the correct dust collection system clearances and airflow. Connect a 3" flexible dust collection hose to the rear of the fence adjustment tube. Use a 3" hose clamp to secure the hose to the tube. See Figure 11. Figure 11. Dust collection connection. Connect DuctingHere Fence Adjustment Tube For additional information on the correct dust collection

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When the lid is closed, tabs in the lock bar engage the pockets on the drawers. When the lid is open, the tabs are raised clear of the pockets. Important: The drawer must be fully closed before the lid is shut. DO NOT slam the drawers when the lid is shut; they will not lock and damage to lock bar tabs or lock pockets may occur. Should this happen, remove the drawer and straighten out the deformed tab with a screwdriver. For the lock pockets, a pair of pliers should be used. See (1A) lock bar t

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Always thoroughly clean the spray gun after each use. to clean the spray gun: 1. spray a small amount of cleaning solvent through the gun. note: Check with local laws regarding this practice. If you are spraying on a regular basis, spraying solvents into the air may be illegal. A cabinet style spray gun cleaner may be required. 2. disConneCt sprAy gun FroM Air! 3. remove the cup and cup lid, then disassemble the gun by unscrewing the fluid control knob and removing the spring and needle (see fig

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Remember that safety messages by themselves do not eliminate danger and are not a substitute for proper accident prevention measures. Adanger Awarning Acaution NOTICE Indicates an imminent hazardous situation which, if not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, COULD result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, MAY result in minor or moderate injury. It may

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use this machine with respect and caution to lessen the possibility of operator injury. if normal safety precautions are overlooked or ignored, serious personal injury may occur. -2- t23084 (Mfg since 11/10) INTRODUCTION Foreword The specifications, details, and photographs in this manual represent the Model T23084 as supplied when the manual was prepared. However, owing to Grizzly’s policy of continuous improvement, changes may be made at any time with no obligation on the part of Grizzly. If y

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For modEls mAnUFACtUrEd sinCE 02/10 #Cr12612 printEd in ChinA This manual provides critical safety instructions on the proper setup, operation, maintenance and service of this machine/equipment. Failure to read, understand and follow the instructions given in this manual may result in serious personal injury, including amputation, electrocution or death. The owner of this machine/equipment is solely responsible for its safe use. This responsibility includes but is not limited to proper installat

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Always record the new emergency code below, then store these instructions in a secure location. 3. After the LED window clears, enter the new six-digit emergency code. The LED window will display the word "AGAIN". 4. When the LED window clears again, re-enter the new code. —if the second entry of the new emergency code matches the first entry, the LED window will display the word "DONE" and this procedure is complete. —if the second entry of the new emergency code does not match the first entry,

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Turn the key 1.4 turn clockwise to unlock the safe door, use the hand indent to pull the door open, then remove the contents of the safe. 5. Remove the battery cover on the back of the safe door, then install the four "AA" batteries provided to activate the digital keypad. 6. Close the safe door, rotate the key 1.4 turn counterclockwise, remove it from the door, then re-attach the nameplate. Personal Code Both your personal code and emergency code can open the safe door, but only your personal c

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2 "AA" Batteries .................................................... 4 Hex Wrench 4mm.............................................. 1 Mounting Hardware ................................... Varies Mounting There are mounting holes provided through the safe walls that are accessed from inside the safe. Use the provided hardware or fasteners of your choice to firmly anchor your safe to a solid and stable surface. Models T21543 and T21545 are designed to mount on a wall or shelf, and the door must o