JA Audio 9902S

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Denna mottagare kan anslutas till ett analogt telefonnat (Public Switched Telephone Networks , PSTN), under forutsattning att uppkoppling sker enligt tonvalsprincipen DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency). DK Nokia erkl.rer hermed, at denne digitale modtager, Mediamaster 9902 S, er i overensstemmelse med v.sentlige krav og andre relevante bestemmelser i direktivet 1999/5/EC. Dette terminaludstyr er beregnet til tilslutning til det analoge, offentlige telefonnetv.rk (Public Switched Telephone Netwo

JA Audio 45

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Do not expose the components to rain or moisture. Do not use the product close to a bath, swimming pool etc. • Do not expose the components of your systems to extremely high temperatures or bright light sources. • Do not open the product: the device contains live parts. The product should only be repaired or serviced by a qualified repairman • In case of improper usage or if you have opened, altered and repaired the product yourself, all guarantees expire. Marmitek does not accept responsibility