LA Audio Electronic EQX20

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Installation Page 4 2.1 Inspection and un-packing 2.2 Operating environment 2.3 CE standards 2.4 Power requirements 2.5 Signal levels 2.6 External connections 3. Warranty Page 7 4. Description of controls Page 8 4.1 Channel 1 Page 8 4.2 Channel 2 Page 10 5. Applications Page 11-12 5.1 Setting up and using the EQX20 Audio sweetening and Precision equalisation Removing subsonics Making compressors frequency conscious Special effects Enhancing the EQ on a mixing console 6. Circuit description Page

LA Audio Electronic Equalizer EQX20

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Additional control is derived from a variable Q (bandwidth) control on each band. Each channel is also equipped with a high pass filter switch to remove subsonics and a Bypass switch. APPLICATIONS Uses for the TCX20 include -PA Equalisation Suppressing Feedback and Ringing Removing damaging subsonics Creating 'space' for solo instruments/vocals Adding sparkle and reducing boom Special effects SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL Operating Levels: Frequency response: Input impedance: Output impedance

LA Audio Electronic EQ231G-SP

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