Matrox Electronic Systems G450 MMS

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Your Matrox MMS card is a high-performance graphics card that plugs into an expansion slot inside your personal computer. This card lets you use 2 or 4 monitors at a time with Windows 2000/XP or NT 4.0. Hardware supplied Software supplied (for Windows 2000/XP and NT 4.0) ! Matrox PowerDesk – to use your Matrox graphics hardware ! Other software – see the CD-ROM Readme file Installation overview To install your Matrox product: 1 Install the Matrox card – see “Hardware installation”, page 3. 2 Ins

Matrox Electronic Systems ATC RG-200DL

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This product is a complete remote graphics solution. ATC RG-200DL units can support up to two monitors. These monitors can be dual or single link digital monitors or analog monitors. ATC RG-400SL units can support up to four digital or analog monitors. As a remote graphics solution, it separates the CPU and hard disks of your system from the computer peripherals – monitors, keyboard, mouse, and audio hardware. Hardware supplied Hardware required (sold separately) Installation overview To install