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3. If the engine still fails to start or fire, refer to the troubleshooting flow chart at the end of this manual. Stopping the Engine Idle the engine briefly before stopping (about 2 minutes), then slide the ignition switch to the “O” (Engine OFF) position. Checking Unit Condition NEVER operate the unit with the cutting attachment shield or other protective devices removed! Use only authorized Shindaiwa parts and accessories with your Shindaiwa trimmer. Do not make modifications to this unit wit

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1. Prime the primer bulb until no more fuel is passing through. 2. Start and run the engine until it stops running. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the engine will no longer start. ¦ Remove the spark plug and pour about 1/4 ounce of 2-cycle mixing oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. Slowly pull the recoil starter 2 or 3 times so oil will evenly coat the interior of the engine. Reinstall the spark plug. ¦ Before storing the unit, repair or replace any worn or damaged parts. ¦ Remove

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Align hole in adapter plate with notch in gear housing, and insert Locking Tool (A) to prevent splined shaft from turning. Arrow on gear housing points to notch. Tighten 10 mm nut securely. 4. Insert Cotter Pin (L) in hole in PTO shaft, and bend pin legs around shaft counterclockwise to retain 10 mm nut. IMPORTANT! Never reuse a cotter pin - install a new cotter pin each time a blade is installed or replaced. 5. Remove locking tool. The unit should now be completely assembled and ready for use w

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Disconnect the spark plug wire before performing service or maintenance. Muffler This unit must never be operated with a faulty or missing spark arrester or muffler. Make sure the muffler is well secured and in good condition. A worn or damaged muffler is a fire hazard and may also cause hearing loss. Spark Plug Keep the spark plug and wire connections tight and clean. Fasteners Make sure nuts, bolts, and screws (except carburetor adjusting screws) are tight. WARNING! Non-standard accessories, c

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NOTE: Every unit is run at the factory and the carburetor is set in compliance with emission regulations. Carburetor adjustments, other than idle speed, must be performed by an authorized Shindaiwa dealer. Adjusting Engine Idle The engine must return to idle speed whenever the throttle lever is released. Idle speed is adjustable, and must be set low enough to permit the engine clutch to disengage the cutting attachment. WARNING! The cutting attachment must NEVER rotate at engine idle! If the idl

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Made in China/Fabrique a China/Hecho en China WARNING • PLEASE READ Both model number and serial number may be found on the main label . You should record both of them in a safe place for future use. 2 3 SAFETY WARNINGS & INSTRUCTIONS EN EN Read and understand the owner's manual and labels affixed to the log splitter. Learn its application and limitations as well as the specific potential hazards peculiar to it. • UNDERSTAND YOUR LOG SPLITTER • DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND MEDICATION Do not operate the lo

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Use of any unauthorized parts or accessories could lead to serious injury to the user, or damage to the unit, and will void your warranty. • Follow the manufacturer’s sharpening and maintenance instructions for the saw chain. • Use only the replacement guide bars and low kickback chains specified for your saw to avoid injury. RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION OTHER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Do not operate a chain saw with one hand! Serious injury to the operator, helpers, bystanders,

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Hold chain saw firmly with both hands when using. For your own safety, please read and follow the safety precautions in this manual before attempting to operate your chain saw. Improper use can cause serious injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT THROW AWAY P/N 6096-211402 (5/04) PRINTED IN CHINA INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION THANK YOU TABLE OF CONTENTS Thank you for buying this quality product. This modern outdoor power tool will provide many hours of useful service. You will find it to be a great

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WHEN ORDERING PARTS 16” Gas Chain Saw MODEL NO. TB3516NT / 41AZ356P766 DATE REVISED DATE PAGE 7/29/2004 N/A 1/2 TROV-BiLT SERVICE SPARE PARTS LIST SPECIFY MODEL NO. WHEN ORDERING PARTS DATE REVISED DATE 16” Electric Chain Saw 7/29/2004 MODEL NO. TB3516NT / 41AZ356P766 N/A No. STK CODE Parts No. Description Q No. STK CODE Parts No. Description Q 1 MC-6228-211403 HOUSING (R) 1 36 MC-6024-211507 SPRING 1 2 MC-6228-211504 CHAIN COVER ASS'Y 1 37 MC-6Q

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PINCHING the saw chain along the TOP of the guide bar may PUSH the guide bar rapidly back toward the operator. Any of these reactions may cause you to lose control of the saw, which could result in serious personal injury. STARTING/STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS STARTING/STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS Never operate the sawwithout the bar and chain properly installed. WARNING: STARTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Fill the oil tank with correct chain and bar oil (Fig. 3). Use a funnel, wipe up any spills and make sure no dirt