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Los pequenos motores para uso fuera de la carretera del 2002 y posteriores, se garantizan por dos anos. Si alguna pieza de su motor relacionada con la emision esta defectuosa, la pieza sera reparada o reemplazada por Yard Man. Responsabilidades de Garantia de los Propietarios Como propietario del pequeno motor para uso fuera de la carretera, usted es responsable de realizar el mantenimiento requerido que aparece en el manual del operador. Yard Man recomienda que conserve todos los comprobantes q


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Split) 31 1025 Washer—Lock (5/16 Split) 75 1632-228 Shaft—Impeller (Short) 32 1671-1 Pawl 76 2632-230 Shaft—Impeller (Long) 33 2692-6 Pinion R.H. 77 1530-1 Rivet—(3/16.Dia. x 114 Truss 34 2692-7 Pinion L.H. Hd.) 35 3108-148 Assembly—Wheel 78 1540-81 Washer (17/64 x 3/4x1 /16) 36 4636-18 Wheel—Gear & Rim 79 4697-15 Draw & Bar—Front (L.H.) 37 1652-52 Bushing 80 1509-38 Bolt (10-32x3/8 Hex Hd.) 38 3619-58 Tire 81 1543-69 Washer (21 /64 x 3/4 x 3/32 *39 141 Washer (3/8x7/8x3/16) Nylon)


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Use common sense. Do not operate the chain saw when you are tired. Keep all parts of your body away from the saw chain when the motor is operating. Before you start the saw, make sure the saw chain is not contacting anything. • Disconnect the chain saw when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories and attachments such as saw chain and guard. • Check damaged parts. Before further use of the chain saw, a guard or other part that is damaged should be carefully checked to determin


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Only attach the TBBC to gas-powered trimmers or brushcutters. Use with an electric product could lead to damage to the unit or serious personal injury. WARNING: IMPORTANT: READ SAFETY RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY P/N 769-02046 (9/05) INTRODUCTION THANK YOU TABLE OF CONTENTS Thank you for buying this quality product. This modern outdoor power tool will provide many hours of useful service. You will find it to be a great labor-saving device. This operator’s manual provides you with easy-tounde

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Focus the front lens so the beam patterns are in focus for the height the fixture in mounted. Be sure not to obstruct the cooling vents and keep in a well ventilated area. For best effect, periodically clean the front focus lens and mirror with a glass cleaner. Caution! Never open unit when in use. Always disconnect main power before serving or replacing lamp. Remember to always replace with the same lamp and fuses, unless otherwise specified by technician. Lamp Replacement: Open the front co

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Deflection should be approximately 3/8 in. (9.6 mm). See Figure 49. If deflection is excessive, tighten the track tension. If unit pulls to the left or right when a straight path is desired adjust the track tension. If the unit is pulling to the left, tighten the left track adjuster. If the unit is pulling to the right, tighten the right track adjuster. To adjust (Figure 50): 1. Tighten the adjuster nut to tighten the track tension. Loosen the adjuster nut to reduce track tension. 2. Check that