Philips AVENT SCF276/02

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The pause feature lets you remove items without interrupting this cycle. Digital display keeps you informed Advanced digital display and sound alerts keep you informed throughout the sterilization cycle. Sterilizes 6 bottles in only 6 minutes Holds up to six 260 ml/ 9 oz AVENT Bottles or two Philips AVENT Breast Pumps and accessories. Sterilizes in 6 minutes and contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened. Effective sterilization Issue date 2009-03-08 Version: 4.3.1 © 2009 Konin

Philips AVENT SCD510

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Philips AVENT is dedicated to producing caring, reliable products that give parents the reassurance they need.This Philips AVENT baby monitor provides round-the-clock support by ensuring you can always hear your baby clearly without any distracting noise.The DECT technology guarantees zero interference and a crystal clear signal between the baby unit and the parent unit. general description (Fig. 1) a parent unit 1 On/off button 3 2 Slot for belt clip 3 TALK button 4 SENSITIVITY button 5 Belt cl

Philips AVENT QT4045

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Automatically chooses an unused channel and switches as it detects another device using the same channel. Complete peace of mind • Remotely monitor the baby's room temperature • Guarantees zero interference from any other device • Indicates a continuous connection between the two units • Uses lights to indicate if the baby makes noise Ultimate mobility in and around the house • Travel pouch for easy storage • Belt clip and neck cord for hands-free convenience • Rechargeable parent unit

Philips AVENT IQ24

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As well as bottles and breastfeeding accessories, you can sterilise any other boilable items (please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding sterilisation). Please take a few minutes to read through the ENTIRE INSTRUCTION LEAFLET before using your iQ24 Steriliser for the first time. PLEASE SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Also available at 2 Remove all items from inside the steriliser body. 1. Measure exactly 90ml of water and pour in. 2. Assemble the blue components (baskets, stem and bottle