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Then, reinstall the power switch bracket (Figure 7). Install the right rewinder on the outside of the frame and connect the motor wire connector to the rear wire (Figure 8 & 9). Reinstall the rear cover. Reinstall the side covers. Reinstall the lever knob and screw. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 16 ¿RSüæUn 15. MAINTENANCE Cleaning the Body of the laminator 1. To clean the machine body, dampen a cloth with water only and gently wipe the machine clean. Removing Adhesive Build Up 1. Remove the fil

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7. Turn off the power when unattended or not in use. Unplug machine before movig it or when it is not in use for an extended period of time. 8. This machine is intended for indoor use only. 9. Do not alter or extend electric plug. Plug is configured for appropriate electrical supply. 10. The socket-outlet shall be installed mear the equipment and shall be easily accessible. - 3 CHARACTERISTICS RS Roll Laminator Line are advanced laminators with time transcendental design, utilizing the latest in

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4. Pull the upper film around the upper idler bar to the anti-wrinkle device and stretch out the film on the upper heat shoe. 5. When the temperature reaches 80°C (176°F), the resin is melting, stick the film on the shoe. SHAFT LOWER IDLE BAR UPPER ROLL FILM SHAFT LOWER ROLL FILM GUIDING PAPER HEAT SHOE UPPER IDLE BAR LOWER FILM SHAFT LOWER IDLE BAR HEAT SHOE Picture 1 - 8 - 2. COLD FILM 1. Take out the guiding table. 2. Put the shaft of roll film in each hole exactly. 3. Set the pressure lever

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-ROLLER V-LOWER IDLE BAR LOWER IDLE BAR 1. Follow the steps in the “Loading Film” procedure by loading the upper shaft with pressure sensitive film, e.g. (Royal Print-Pro Film) and lower shaft with pressure sensitive mounting adhesive films, e.g. (Royal Sovereign White-Mount or Clear-Mount). 2. Pull the upper laminate under the upper idle bar and separate the release liner from the laminate. 3. Tape the release liner to the Take-Up Paper Core and al

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4.Speed can be varied 1 or 2 by selecting button. 5.You release the machine from cold mode by pressing button. 6.Everytime you press the button, buzzer is ringing 7.ST/BY mode is not working at COLD mode. ***Check current temperature on the shoes.*** ***Cold mode*** SPEED COLD MEMORY ST/BY T-CHECK ST/BY T-CHECK C/HOT T-CHECK MEMORY SPEED C/HOT MEMORY - 16 - on the screen and STND-BY mode is set at 80.. 2. When machine is in mode, machine condition wouldn’t work. Press the button and it will reve

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Power switch is located in the rear of the unit on the left side. 2. Complete the steps on “Loading films to upper and lower film shafts” - Page 11 3. Set the rollers temperature to the recommended film temperature. 4. Take off the Paper Guide and the Front Table. 5. Pull down the upper film over the Safety Cover to the lower film; align and center the lower film to upper film and tighten the two lower bolt core screws (Figure 1). 6. Rewind the upper film back until the film aligns with the

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There might be the possibility for difference to the above numbers due to the change of voltage or adjustment of tension. 2. COLD LAMINATING 1. Put cold roll film on upper bar.(Set the same as methord of HOT film for protect paper of lower part) 2. Pull COLD film, and fix it so that backside protecting paper can be wound on take-up mandrel clockwise. (Revolve core to make protectingpaper tight a little bit.) 3. Set pressure lever at the proper position following to your lamination condition. - 2

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Warranty repair or replacement by Royal Sovereign or its authorized Reseller(s) does not extend the warranty beyond the initial one year period from the date of installation. Unauthorized customer alterations will void this warranty. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Royal Sovereign International Inc. 2 Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, NJ 07647 U.S.A. TEL : +1) 800-397-1025 FAX : +1) 201-750-1022 E-mail: info@royalsovereign.com_ r RS Holland B.V. Columbusstraat 25 - 3165 AC Rotterdam, The Netherlands E-mail: pa

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Upon arrival, thoroughly inspect the unit. It is imperative that any shipping damage is reported and a claim is filed with the delivering carrier immediately upon receipt. The laminator should be located in an area with adequate work space for feeding graphics and lamination materials. Avoid placing the laminator in a dusty area or near sources of extreme heat or cold. Once the laminator is in place, lock the casters into position(“ON” position). Always unlock the casters (“OFF” position) whe

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Royal Sovereign will not be liable for personal damage or personal injury (unless primarily caused by its negligence), loss of profit, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this equipment. LIMITED WARRANTY This warranty specifically does not cover damage to laminating rollers caused razor blades, or any sharp objects or abrasives, or failure caused by adhesives, damage caused by lifting, tilting and/or any attempt to position the machine rolling