Saris 911

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• Lock load bar with key. Step 8Check your installation. Be certain: • Daisy dials are tightened completely against wheel tray and upright bracket. Retighten daisy dial against upright bracket after first two hours of initial use. • Upright clamp is firmly grasping each bike and is in the closed position. • Wheel straps are used on both front and rear tires. • Accessory tracks are closed and locked. • Load is evenly distributed on load bars. For maximum weight limitations, follow recommendations

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NOTE: Before installing carrier, clean all surfaces of vehicle which may come in contact with the carrier or its straps. Make sure foot pads are free of any debris that could scratch vehicle’s finish. Figure 2 • To adjust rear legs, loosen knobs, remove from end of cylinder and reposition (A). • To adjust arms, loosen knobs, slide to center of aluminum cylinder and rotate (B).NOTE: It is not necessary to move bumper legs, as the bones rack is pre-assembled to fit a majority of vehicles and bicyc