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DANGER OF SCALDING. Please use caution when using the steam function. The steam emitted from the appliance is very hot. 1. Use the system only for its intended use. 2. DO NOT use outdoors. Use only on dry, indoor surfaces. 3. DO NOT leave the appliance unattended when plugged in. Always unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet when not in use and before servicing. 4. DO NOT allow the appliance to be used by children. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children, pets or pla

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Failure to do so will reduce the product’s battery life significantly. 2. Do not store unit with the charging adapter attached and plugged in. 3. Only recharge when the batteries are fully discharged ( or as close to fully discharged as possible) . 4. Do not store in areas of high temperature or humidity. 5. After 3 months of non-use, the product should be fully discharged and then recharged to maximize battery power. 6. Use only the charger supplied with the product. If other chargers are used,


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If color comes off on the towel, you may need to have the piece dry cleaned. Window, Glass Surfaces and Mirrors To use the window squeegee, work with the vapor jet down using the top to bottom movements. To do this without leaving streaks, use lateral movements from the top to the bottom of the surface. CAUTION: When cleaning outside windows, always avoid any sudden changes in temperature to prevent breakage or cracks. Soap Scum Soap scum dissolves almost immediately under a combination of heat


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21. Extreme caution should be exercised when using this appliance to clean stairs. 22. Never use steam mop without micro-fiber cleaning pad attached. 23. Keep your work area well lit. 24. Store steam mop indoors in a cool, dry place. 25. To avoid circuit overload, do not operate another appliance on the same socket (circuit) as the steam cleaner. 26. If an extension cord is absolutely necessary, an extension cord rated a minimum of 15 ampere, 14 gage cord should be used. Cords rated for less amp


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Hold the terry cloth towel to the side to catch the loose residue as it is blown by the concentrator. Note: Always vacuum any loose residue off the surface before you apply vapor to it. TIPS ON HOW TO USE YOUR SYSTEM 11 Fiberglass or Stainless Steel Surfaces Use the bristle brush. Slowly move the brush over the surface to be cleaned. The vapor will emulsify the dirt and grease on the surface. Follow behind with a terry cloth towel over the brush to remove excess moisture and residue. Tip: An old

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To prevent surface damage, avoid focusing steam or allowing the cleaning tools to sit in one spot for any amount of time. When assembling your Portable Steam Pocket, there may be a little water in the water tank. This is because we test all our portable steam pocket cleaning systems 100% before you buy them, so you get a quality Shark Steam product. 2 a? TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398 ASSEMBLY & USE INSTRUCTIONS 1 Safely remove contents of the Portable Steam Pocket Cleaning System and lay them o

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SC637 SC637C DATE OF PURCHASE: …………………….. MODEL: ………………................................... NAME AND ADDRESS OF STORE: ………………………………………………………………….. TOLL FREE: 1-800 798-7398 11Trouble Shooting PROBLEM POSSIBLE REASONS SOLUTIONS There is no steam. The steamer is not turned on. There is not enough water in the unit. Verify that the green light on the unit is lit. If not, check that the unit is plugged in and the on/off button is raised and in the “On” position. Verify that the water line is above t

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090505 Illustrations may differ with actual product SC637SC637C English English IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS For Household Use Only 1. Use garment steamer only for its intended use. WHEN USING YOUR SHARK GARMENT STEAMER, BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 2. DO NOT leave appliance unattended while it is in operation SHOULD ALWAYS BE or while it is FOLLOWED, INCLUDING THE still hot. FOLLOWING: 3. Close supervision is necessary for READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS any appliance being near chil

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n o q p ASSEMBLY & USE INSTRUCTIONS 1 Safely remove contents of the Portable Steam Pocket® Cleaning System and lay them out on a flat surface to see that you have all the components to complete the assembly. 2 READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING YOUR PORTABLE STEAM POCKET®. IMPORTANT: Always make sure the steam bottle is UNPLUGGED from the electrical outlet when not in use. Never fill the water reservoir when the unit is plugged in. FILLING AND REFILLING THE WATER TANK 1 Never fill the steam bott

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6 Attach the cleaning tool by inserting the hose stem into the handle of the cleaning tool. Press in and turn clockwise at the same time to secure and press in and turn counter clockwise to release. Check for proper connection by turning the handle counter-clockwise a few turns. The handle should remain connected. (Note for reference: This connection method is the same design used with most over the counter prescription bottles). The design of this connection is to prevent the hose from twisting