Turtle Beach X11

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Chat Volume: This volume control sets the level of XBOX LIVE chat voices from other players. Mic Mute Switch: This switch mutes the microphone. Amplifier LED: This LED will light Green when the mic is active and Red when the mic is muted. Game Audio Volume XBOX Jack (Mic output to XBOX controller) Mic Mute Switch Amplifier LED Chat Volume ® Package Contents • Ear Force X.... headset • XBOX® controller talkback cable • RCA audio splitter cable • This User's Guide Avoid Hearing Damage Important In

Turtle Beach teach Me Piano Deluxe

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Please keep this number in a safe place and copy it to the line below so you will have it for future reference. Please use this number to register your program on our web site. Product ID Number: _______________________ Notices Teach Me Piano Deluxe -Users Guide; Version 2.0 Februry 2007 Software and documentation Copyright © 1996 -2007 Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means or in any form, without prior written c

Turtle Beach Ear Force XLC

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Press the "Aa button on your controller. 3. On the Preferences screen, select the 'Voice11 option from the menu and press "AV 4. Select the "Play Through Both* option and set the Volume level to 10. Volume 10 Microphono ■ Mute VOJCfl Output • Ploy Through Headset • Play Through Speakers The XLC in-line volume control adjusts both the game and chat volume levels at the same time. The TV volume determines the maximum volume level. If you want to hear less game sound and more chat, you'll

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21

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The PX21 pushes your gaming experience to a new level with superior stereo sound and crystal-clear communication over PlayStation Network (PSN), XBOX LIVE® or online PC/Mac gaming. By combining chat with stereo game audio, the PX21 lets you hear the voices of online players along with the game sound, without the need for external speakers and a communicator headset. Features Amplified Audio Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience. Variable Bass Boost Adds depth and realism to th