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FOR USE IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION IN MOBILE HOMES IF THIS HARMAN ACCENTRA PELLET INSERT IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED, A HOUSEFIRE MAY RESULT. FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOLLOW INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS. CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OR FIRE OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY (SUCH AS MUNICIPAL BUILDING DEPARTMENT, FIRE DEPARTMENT, FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU, ETC.) TO DETERMINE THE NEED FOR A PERMIT. CETTE GUIDE D'UTILISATION EST DISPONIBLE EN FRANCAIS. CHEZ VOTRE CONCESSIONNAIRE DE HARMAN STOVE COMPANY. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. The Harman Accentra Pellet Insert Installation & Operating Manual “Ce manuel est disponible en Francais sur demande” R3 Introduction 3 Harman Stove Company 352 Mountain House Road Halifax, PA 17032 sales@harmanstoves.com Table of Contents Automatic Operation 4 Manual Operation 6 ESP Control 8 Assembly & Installation 9 Venting 21 Maintenance 28 Trouble-Shooting 33 Specifications 34 Wiring Diagram 35 Feeder Parts 36 Parts List 37 Warranty 38 The Accentra Insert will give you more heat, better temperature control and a level of convenience you won’t find in any other pellet insert. The Accentra Insert’s many outstanding features make it the best value pellet insert on the market today. The Accentra’s versatile design lets you convert a heat wasting fireplace into an efficient heating source. The Accentra Insert could also be a fireplace hearth for your home that doesn’t require a chimney. A special zero clearance fireplace kit converts the Accentra insert into a fireplace that can be placed in virtually any corner or against any wall of your home. You can choose from a variety of mantels and facings that complement your homes decor. The Accentra’s on-board microprocessor constantly senses room temperature and automatically makes adjustments in the feed rate and air supply so you get just the right amount of heat 24 hours a day. This remarkable technology lets you fill the hopper, set the desired temperature and walk away. The Accentra insert lights automatically, brings the room up to the exact temperature and will turn off if no heat is required. No other pellet insert offers such accurate and trouble free temperature control. The control technology gives you the widest heat output range of any insert on the market making it an ideal choice to take the chill off in the spring and fall and to heat your home during the coldest months of the winter. As with all Harman pellet stoves, maintenance is minimal and cleaning is easy. The Accentra Insert lets you burn close to a ton of pellets before ash removal is needed. And what is even better, the Harman Insert Track System lets you slide the insert out of the fireplace so that it can be cleaned or serviced without having to disconnect the venting system. This innovative design is only available on Harman pellet inserts and lets you reach key components for yearly cleaning. SAFETY NOTICE: IF THIS HARMAN STOVE IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED. A HOUSE FIRE MAY RESULT. FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OR FIRE OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. Please copy you r serial number from the label on your stove to the box below. SERIAL NUMBER 4 Starting First Fire Igniter Switch to"AUTO" (up position) Make sure the unit is plugged into a 120 VAC, 60 HZ electrical source. The power light should be the only light lit. 1. Turn Mode Selector to "OFF". 2. Fill hopper with pellets.1 3. Clean burn pot with scraper, if necessary.5 4. If starting after an empty hopper, turn Feed Adjuster to "TEST" (for one 60 second cycle).2 This will purge pellets into the auger tube and also allow you to check the motors for operation. NOTE: The auger motor will not operate with the view door or ash pan door open.3 5. Turn Feed Adjuster to #4.4 6. Flip the Igniter Switch up into the "AUTO" position. 7. Turn the Temperature Dial to desired room temperature. 8. Turn Mode Selector to Room Temperature or Stove Temperature. 9. Fill hopper with pellets and remove ashes as required.6 10. Store pellet fuel in a dry area away from all ignition sources and above all limits of the stove's clearance requirements to combustibles. Do not store the fuel were it interferes with the refueling of the stove or emptying of ashes. Do not store any ashes removed from the stove near the fuel or other combustible materials. Automatic Start Up 1. Fines are small pieces of broken pellets (sawdust). Fines do not flow easily and often build up on the hopper funnel bottom angles. These fines can be pushed into the feeder opening and then fill the hopper with pellets. As the system works, they will be burned. 2. The "TEST" cycle will operate the feeder motor for exactly one minute. Turning to "TEST" again and again may purge too much fuel into the burn pot causing excessive smoke on startup. 3. The firebox low pressure switch will not allow the aug...

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