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Istruzioni per l'uso Harman Stove Company, Modello PF 100

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FOR USE IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION IN MOBILE HOMES IF THIS HARMAN PELLET FURNACE IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED, A HOUSE FIRE MAY RESULT. FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOLLOW INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS. CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OR FIRE OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY (SUCH AS MUNICIPAL BUILDING DEPARTMENT, FIRE DEPARTMENT, FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU, ETC.) TO DETERMINE THE NEED FOR A PERMIT. CETTE GUIDE D'UTILISATION EST DISPONIBLE EN FRANCAIS. CHEZ VOTRE CONCESSIONNAIRE DE HARMAN STOVE COMPANY. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. The Harman PF 100 Pellet Pro Furnace Installation & Operating Manual “Ce manuel est disponible en Francais sur demande” R7 2 PF100 Combustion Blower Combustion Blower cover Fan Control Hopper Lid Latches 3 Speed Switch Control Cover Viewing Glass Outer Door Vent Pipe Heat Exchanger Shaker Handle Outer Door Latches Filter Box Hopper PF100 Parts PF100 3 Assembly 4 Venting 10 Installation 15 Operation 21 Maintenance 29 Troubleshooting 34 Feeder Parts 35 Specifications 36 Wiring Diagram 37 Parts List & Options 38 Warranty 39 Testing Label 40 Quick Reference Start-Up 41 Please read this entire manual before you install and use your new furnace. Failure to follow instructions may result in property damage, bodily injury, or even death. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Harman Stove Company 352 Mountain House Road Halifax, PA 17032 Table of Contents DO NOT INSTALL IN A MOBILE HOME. 4 PF100 Venting Use 4” pellet vent pipe to vent your PF 100. A combustion blower is used to extract the combustion gases from the firebox. This creates a negative pressure in the firebox and a positive pressure in the venting system as shown in fig. 2. The longer the vent pipe and more elbows used in the system, the greater the flow resistance. Because of these facts we recommend using as few elbows as possible and 30 feet or less of vent pipe. The maximum horizontal run should not exceed 18 feet. Be sure to use wall and ceiling pass through fittings (which are approved for pellet vent pipe ) when going through combustible materials. Be sure to use a starting collar to attach the venting system to the stove. The starting collar must be sealed to the stove flue collar with high temp silicone caulking or aluminum tape, and screwed into the stove flue collar at least three (3) places. Vent Pipe 4” pellet venting pipe ( also known as PL vent ) is constructed of two layers with air space between the layers. This air space acts as an insulator and reduces the outside surface temperature to allow a clearance to combustibles of only 2 inches. This 2 inch clearance is also approved by the pipe manufacturers. See images on left. See page 14 (Fig. 24 and 26) for larger images. The sections of pipe lock together to form an air tight seal in most cases; however, in some cases a perfect seal is not achieved. For this reason and the fact that the PF100 operates with a positive vent pressure, we specify that all joints within the structure should also be sealed with clear silicone. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Clearances and Venting The shaded areas are the clearances for the PL vent pipe that must be maintained at 3”. After the venting leaves the shaded area it may be installed at 2” to combustibles. (Only UL listed wall pass-throughs and fire stops must be used.) See NOTES: on page 12 NOTE:Use only 4” diameter type “L” or “PL” venting system. Be sure to inspect and clean exhaust venting system frequently. The first thing that needs to be done is deciding where and how the furnace will be installed. Things that need to be taken into consideration are VENTING, SUPPLY& RETURN DUCTING, ELECTRICAL, and Condensation drainage (if A/C is installed). Don’t forget access to the furnace for service. When the return air inlet position is known the filter box and distribution blower can be installed. See pages 5, 6, 7, 8. When the furnace is set into place venting can be done. Design Assembly PF100 5 Filter Box (Cold Air Return) This Edge Toward Furnace Assembling Filter Box The cold air return filter box can be assembled with the filter frame on either side or the back, provided there is access to the combustion blower and flue area. It is not recomended that the filter frame be installed on the same side as the ash door due to the need to access the combustion blower, filter, and flue pipe for service. 1. Place the bottom on the floor. The edge closest to the knockouts will be the edge towards the furnace. See Fig. 4. 2. Place the desired vertical panel inside the bottom tray and hold into place with one Tek screw in the bottom middle hole. (solid panel shown) See Fig 4. Bottom Solid Side Panel Fig. 4 Knockouts Tek screw from outside Bottom (same as top) Top (same as bottom) Filter Frame Panel Solid Side Panel Blower access Panel Blower access Panel Cover Fig. 3 Switch NOTE:Read and follow all of the vent pipe manufacturers’ instructions on the proper installation and support of the vent pipe. ...

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