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Istruzioni per l'uso Quadra-Fire, Modello QVI-35FB-S

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B • 12/08 7 77 Installation Preparation Prepare the existing solid fuel masonry or factory built non-combustible firebox for installation. A. Inspection and Cleaning Prior to installing the gas insert: • Have the chimney and adjacent structure inspected and cleaned by qualified professionals. Hearth & Home Technologies recommends that NFI or CSIA certified professionals, or technicians under the direction of certified professionals, conduct a minimum of a NFPA 211 Level 2 inspection of the chimney. • Replace component parts of the chimney and fireplace as specified by the professionals. • Ensure all joints are properly engaged and the chimney is properly secured. • Ensure combustible mantel and surround clearances comply with applicable codes and regulations for solid- fuel fireplaces. In the absence of local or regional codes, refer to NFPA 211. • Ensure chimney is constructed of non-combustible materials. • Ensure chimney is clean and in good working order. • Ensure that all chimney cleanouts fit properly to prevent air leakage into chimney. B. Flue Damper Fully lock the solid fuel fireplace’s flue damper in the open position, OR completely remove it. C. Gas Line Note: If the factory built fireplace has no gas access hole provided, an access hole of 1 inch (25 mm) diameter or less may be drilled through the lower sides or bottom of the firebox in a proper workmanship - like manner. This access hole must be plugged with non-combustible insulation after the gas supply line has been installed. • Install gas line into firebox cavity. • Check local codes and gas line sizing requirements following NFPA54. See Section 8. D. Hearth or Hearth Extension WARNING! Risk of Fire! A hearth or hearth extension (if present) must comply with either of the following: • The solid fuel burning fireplace manufacturer’s specification. • Local building codes required by authority having jurisdiction. • NFPA 211 E. Fireplace Conversion Notice Permanently attach the label with the following warning to the inside lower back of the fireplace firebox into which the insert is being installed. Silicone or mechanical fasteners may be required to properly secure the label. WARNING! Risk of Fire! This fireplace has been converted for use with a gas fireplace insert only and cannot be used for burning wood or solid fuels unless all original parts have been replaced, and the fireplace re-approved by the authority having jurisdiction. F. Electrical Outlet Box An outlet box may be installed in a bottom back corner of the fireplace to permit fans or other optional accessories to be used. Alternatively, the supplied power cord may be routed out onto the hearth to a nearby outlet. Quadra-Fire • QVI-35FB-S • 2178-900 Rev. B • 12/08 8 88 Installing Vent Pipe and Appliance A. Vent Limits The abbreviations listed in this vent table key are used in the vent diagrams. Description Minimum Vertical Run Length 14 ft. Maximum Vertical Run Length 50 ft. Horizontal venting is NOT allowed. Vertical terminations are measured to top of chimney. This appliance is listed for use with LINK-DV systems and components only. It is permissible to extend venting above existing chimney (within specified maximum vertical limits) using SL-D series or Dura Vent GS series 4 in. x 6-5/8 in. gas direct-vent pipe. Connection is made using SRVLINK-ADP. The vent must be terminated with the cap supplied with the LINK-series vent kit. WARNING! Risk of Fire/Explosion/Asphyxiation! Do NOT connect this gas appliance to a chimney flue serving a separate solid fuel or gas burning appliance. • May impair safe operation of this appliance or other appliances connected to the flue. • Vent this appliance directly outside. • Use separate vent system for this appliance. CAUTION! ALL vent specifications MUST be followed. This product is tested and listed to these specifications. Appliance performance will suffer if specifications are not followed. B. Venting Components CAUTION! Risk of Cuts/Abrasions/Flying Debris. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses during installation. Sheet metal edges are sharp. The vertical vent termination system installed on this model includes: • One 3-foot section stainless steel flexible pipe (included with insert). • Flexible vent pipe for exhaust air (included with vent kit). • One length of 3-inch flexible vent pipe for combustion air (included with vent kit). • One pipe-to-cap adaptor (included with vent kit). • One vertical termination cap (included with vent kit). C. Connecting Vent Pipe Reference instructions in the termination kit. • Install the 3-inch flexible vent pipe(s) down through the chimney. • Secure the exhaust flexible vent pipe to the 3 foot section stainless steel flexible vent pipe using the factory- installed 3-inch collar in the stainless steel section of pipe (see Figure 8.1). • Use 3 screws to attach either a 4 foot or 30 foot section of inlet air vent to the inlet collar on the collar slide plate (see Figure 8.1). NOTE: The collar slid...

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