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Istruzioni per l'uso Bosch, Modello MUM 8...

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Please read the operating instructions carefully and keep them in a safe place. If the instructions for correct use of the appliance are not observed, the manufacturer’s liability for any resulting damage will be excluded. If passing on the appliance to a third party, always include the operating instructions. The appliance is maintenance-free. The operating instructions refer to several models. Safety Information ! Risk of electric shock! Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. Only use indoors. Do not use if the cord or appliance is damaged. Keep children away from the appliance. Do not allow persons (also children) with restricted physical sensory perception or mental abilities or with lack of experience and knowledge to operate the appliance unless they are supervised or have been instructed in the use of the appliance by somebody who is responsible for their safety. Always pull out the mains plug after using the appliance, before cleaning the appliance, before leaving the room or if a fault occurs. Do not leave the running appliance unattended. Do not place the power cord over sharp edges or hot surfaces. To prevent injury, a damaged power cord must be replaced by the manufacturer or his customer service or a similarly qualified person. Only our customer service may repair the appliance. Keep hands clear of rotating parts. For reasons of safety the appliance may only be operated when unused drives have been covered with drive guards (11, 12, 13). Do not adjust the swivel arm while the appliance is switched on. Wait until the drive has come to a standstill. Do not change tools until the drive has come to a standstill - when the appliance is switched off, the drive continues running briefly. Do not immerse the base unit in water or clean under running water. Use the appliance with original accessories only. When using the accessories, follow the enclosed operating instructions. Included in standard delivery See table Fig. 16 Overview Figs. 1, 2 Please fold out the illustrated pages. N Release button O Drives for accessories/tools З Rotary switch 4 Lid 5 Feed tube with small cover б Stainless steel stirring bowl 7 Stirrer 8 Whisk 9 Kneading hook with dough deflector NO Blender NN Tool drive cover NO Drive cover N3 Blender drive cover Drives for accessories/tools Drives Fig. 2 2a Drive for blender and multi-blender 2b Drive for stirrer, whisk, kneading hook; folded down for mincer 2c Drive for mill (steel), continuous-feed shredder and citrus press Operating positions ! Attention! Before operating the appliance, attach the tool/ accessory to the correct drive and in the correct position and place in the operating position according to this table. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH 9 en For reasons of safety the appliance may only be operated when unused drives have been covered with drive guards (11, 12, 13). The swivel arm must be engaged in every operating position. Safety systems Start lock-out See “Operating positions” table The appliance can be switched on in pos. 1-4 only: - when the bowl has been inserted and rotated as far as possible or - the tool drive cover (11) has been attached. In pos. 5 the appliance cannot be switched on unless the mincer and adapter have been attached correctly (see mincer operating instructions). In pos. 6 the appliance cannot be switched on if a tool has been inserted. Restart lock-out If the power is interrupted, the appliance remains switched on but the motor does not start running again when the power is restored. Overload protection If the motor switches itself off while the appliance is being used, the overload protection feature has been activated. Possible causes: - very large amounts of ingredients, - appliance operated too long. If a safety system is activated, see “Troubleshooting”. Operating the appliance ! Attention! Do not operate the appliance without an accessory/tool in the operating position. For reasons of safety the appliance may only be operated when unused drives have been covered with drive guards (11, 12, 13). Do not operate the appliance empty. Do not expose appliance or accessories to heat sources. • Before operating the appliance and accessories for the first time, clean thoroughly; see “Cleaning and servicing”. Preparation • Place the base unit on a smooth, clean surface • Pull out the power cord (Fig. 3). If the appliance features an automatic cord winder: • Pull out the cord in one go to the required length (max. 110 cm) and slowly release; the cord is locked. • Reducing the cord length: Pull gently on the cord and allow it to roll up to the required length. Then gently pull the cord again and slowly release; the cable is locked. • Insert the mains plug. ! Attention! Do not twist the cord when inserting it. If the appliance features an automatic cord winder, do not insert the cord manually. If the cord jams, pull out ...

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