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Istruzioni per l'uso GBC, Modello HeatSeal H210

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Do not open. No user servicable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. This safety message means that you could be seriously hurt or killed if you open the product and expose yourself to hazardous voltage. The following ISO and IEC symbols appear on this product, and their meaning is as follows: Release On/Off Heat Cold Special notice Thank you, for your recent purchase of a GBC Pouch Laminator. Your new laminator may emit a slight odour during the initial stage of operation. It is normal and will diminish after several hours of operation. Cleaning . Caution: Unplug this product before cleaning. • Wipe exterior only with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents or solvents. 7 Specifications GBC HeatSeal h210 GBC HeatSeal H310 Electrical 230V / 50Hz / 2,2Amps / 500W 230V / 50Hz / 2,2Amps / 500W Machine Dimensions 400 x 173 x 117.5mm 476 x 173 x 117.5mm Machine Weight 2.7 kg 3.75 kg Maximum Pouch Width 241mm 318mm Maximum Pouch Thickness 2 x 125 mic (Total 250) 2 x 125 mic (Total 250) Maximum Thru-put Thickness 1.0 mm 1.0 mm Warm-Up Time (2 x 75 mic) 5 minutes 5 minutes Important safeguards . WARNING: FOR YOUR PROTECTION DO NOT CONNECT THE POUCH LAMINATOR TO ELECTRICAL POWER UNTIL YOU READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY. KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. TO GUARD AGAINST INJURY, THE FOLLOWING BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS MUST BE OBSERVED IN THE SET-UP AND USE OF THIS PRODUCT. General safeguards • Use the unit only for its intended purposes of laminating documents. • Do not place anything in the throat opening of the laminator other than pouches/documents. • Place unit on a secure, stable work area to prevent the unit from falling and possibly causing personal injury and damage to the unit. • Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the unit. • The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. • Do not attempt to do single sided lamination. This will destroy the laminator. • Do not block the vent slots, this will cause the laminator to overheat. Electrical safeguards • The unit must be connected to a supply voltage corresponding to the electrical rating shown on the unit. • Unplug the unit before moving it, or when it is not in use for an extended period of time. • Do not operate with a damaged supply cord or plug. Do not alter the attachment plug. The plug is configured for the appropriate electrical supply. • Do not overload electrical outlets beyond their capacity; fire or electrical shock could result. • The unit is intended for indoor use only. • Never push objects through the cabinet slots. Do not spill liquid of any kind on this product. • Close supervision is required when this product is used near children. Service • Do not attempt to service or repair the pouch laminator yourself. Unplug the unit and contact an authorized GBC service representative for any required repairs. Important: Before operating your new laminator, lift up the exit tray located at the rear of the machine and lock it in place (fig. 1). Safety instructions YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS THE SAFETY OF OTHERS IS IMPORTANT TO GBC. IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND ON THE PRODUCT ARE IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGES. READ THESE MESSAGES CAREFULLY. . THE SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL PRECEDES EACH SAFETY MESSAGE IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL. THIS SYMBOL INDICATES A POTENTIAL PERSONAL SAFETY HAZARD THAT COULD HURT YOU OR OTHERS, AS WELL AS CAUSE PRODUCT DAMAGE OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. THE FOLLOWING WARNING IS FOUND ON THE PRODUCT IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES. 4 5 6 7 8 Operation, hot lamination Connect power cord to appropriate power source. Push the power button to turn the power "ON" (fig. 2). The inside of the laminator will glow red. Using the lamination guideline table here below, select the appropriate temperature setting for the pouch gauge thickness and material you are laminating. • If the laminated item appears to be cloudy, it means that the laminator temperature is not hot enough. Allow the laminator to heat for a few more minutes then run the pouch through again. • If the laminated item is wavy, the TEMPERATURE is too hot. Verify temperature selector is set at the appropriate temperature. • Always allow sufficient time for the laminator to adjust to changes in temperature setting. Operation, cold lamination Connect power cord to appropriate power source. Rotate the temperature dial to the "cold" position (fig. 2). Push the power button to turn the power "ON" (fig. 2). Anti-jam feature: Important Information If pouch jams or is fed improperly, turn off the laminator immediately. Press the release lever down to release the motor from the rollers (fig. 6). Pull your document back out of the laminator while pressing the release lever down (fig. 7). How to use the release lever. 1 2 3 Helpful lamination hints Temperature setting Guidelines: When laminating thin paper with light ink coverage, set the temperature dial at the low end of the range. Thick paper and heavy ink co...

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