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Istruzioni per l'uso Vitek, Modello Crystal VT-1653

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To do this, press the “Weight Adj” button and then the “Menu/Time” button repeatedly. The oven will automatically determine the optimum cook time and power level for preparing each particular type of food. PRECAUTIONS, WHICH MUST BE FOLLOWED IN ORDER TO AVOID EXPOSURE TO MICROWAVE ENERGY 1. Do not attempt to use the microwave oven when the door is open as you risk exposure to harmful microwave energy. It is very important not to damage or ruin the internal protective locks. 2. It is especially important that the door be closed firmly. Do not place foreign objects between the door and the microwave body and make sure that dirt and/or cleaning liquids do not drip into the insulative layer. 3. Do not use the microwave oven if it is damaged; especially make sure that: a. the door is not bent; b. the hooks and locks are not broken or weakened; c. the door’s insulative layer has not been damaged. 4. Only a qualified specialist should maintain or service the microwave oven. BEFORE CONTACTING A SERVICE CENTER 1. Make sure that the oven is correctly connected to AC power. If there is a problem with this, unplug the cord from the power source, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the oven to power. 2. Check if power is being supplied. 3 Vt-16 53.qxp 04.02.2005 10:10 Page 4 -e- ENGLISH 3. Make sure the control panel is programmed correctly and that the timer is not activated. 4. Make sure the door is closed and latched while the oven is operating. INSTALLATION 1. Make sure to remove the packing material from the microwave oven. 2. Systematically check the oven for any damage. Do not use the oven if the locks or door are broken, or if there is damage to the internal parts of the oven. Contact a service center if you find these types of damage. 3. The oven should be installed on a flat, stable surface. 4. Do not install the oven near sources of high temperatures or humidity. 5. Provide for proper ventilation of the oven, by leaving the following free space around the oven: above - 20 cm, behind - 10 cm, on the sides - 5 cm each. 6. Do not use the oven without the glass tray. Install the tray and other accessories correctly. 7. Place the rotating tray into the oven; match the grooves on the axis with the lip of the tray. Make sure that it is properly installed on the roller ring and that the ring is inside the central circle on the bottom of the oven. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This device should be grounded. In case of short-circuit, the ground reduces the risk of electric shock because the power surge can leave through the grounding wire. A grounded cord and plug has been supplied with this microwave oven. The plug is then connected to an outlet that has been grounded properly. WARNING: The use of a grounded outlet, as a rule, does not lead to the risk of electric shock. Consult with qualified service specialists if the grounding instructions are not clear or if you are unsure as to whether or not your oven is properly grounded. Radio static 1. Use of the microwave oven can create static for radios, television, and other devices operating nearby. 2. To avoid static: a) firmly close the microwave oven door; b) adjust the antenna on the radio or television; c) relocated the oven farther from the device; d) connect the microwave oven to a different outlet in order to avoid interference of the devices. SAFETY RULES FOR PREPARING FOOD IN YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN Always follow these rules when using electrical appliances: PRECAUTION: In order to reduce the risk of burns, electric shocks, fires and other effects of microwave energy: 1. Read these instructions carefully before operating the device. 2. Only use the microwave oven strictly for its intended purpose. Do not put chemical substances into the microwave oven. The oven is designed for heating and preparing food. The oven is not designed for industrial or laboratory use. 3. Do not turn the oven on when empty. This can lead to damage of the device. 4. Do not use the device if the plug or cord is damaged. 5. Be especially attentive when using the oven around children. 6. In order to reduce the risk of burning inside the microwave oven, adhere to the following rules: a) Do not overcook food. Carefully monitor the device when using paper, plastic or other materials. b) Remove any wires from paper and plastic containers before placing them in the oven. c) In case materials burn in the oven, do not open the door - turn off the oven and disconnect it from power. d) Do not store food inside the microwave oven. 7. Liquids and other foods prepared for reheating must be in open containers. 8. Kitchen dishes may get very hot in the microwave oven. Use an oven mitt to remove dishes from the oven. When heating beverages in the microwave oven, the surface of the cup heats up. Carefully remove, avoiding burns. 10. Do not fry food in the microwave oven. 11. Do not cook eggs in the shell. Other types of food with skins, for example: hotdogs, 4 Vt-1...

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