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Istruzioni per l'uso Medion, Modello MEDION AKOYA E54009 (MD 20125) EU - MSN: 30010098

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.. Stop using the monitor if the cabinet is damaged. Have it checked by a service technician. .. Put your monitor only in a clean, dry environment. Unplug the monitor immediately if gets wet and consult your service technician. .. Always unplug the monitor before cleaning it. Clean the cabinet with a clean, dry cloth. Apply non-ammonia based cleaner onto the cloth, not directly onto the glass screen. .. Keep the monitor away from magnetic objects, motors, TV sets, and transformer. .. Do not place heavy objects on the cable or power cord. .. For PLUG CABLE EQUIPMENT, the Socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. According to WEEE regulation, this monitor can't be handled as normal trash in Europe when it is out of usage. Please refer to the recycle information from our website to handle it. 1 First Setup Congratulation for purchasing this monitor of high performance! This monitor comes with the following accessories : .. Power cable .. VGA cable (15 pin) .. Audio cable .. Touch pen .. User guide .. USB cable .. Warranty card Quick Installation 1. Connect video cable (D-Sub cable) Make sure both monitor and computer are powered OFF. Connect the video cable (D-Sub cable) to the computer, then to the monitor. 2. Connect power cord Connect the power cord to a properly grounded AC outlet, then to the monitor. 3. Connect Audio cable Connect the Audio cable from Audio output of computer to the Audio input of the monitor. 4. Power-ON computer and monitor Power-ON the computer, then Power-ON the monitor. 5. Windows users: Setting the Timing Mode (Resolution and Refresh Rate) Example: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Resolution Right-click on the Windows desktop > Properties > Settings > “Desktop Area”. Set the resolution. Refresh Rate (vertical frequency) See your graphic card’s user guide for instructions. Example: PC Power cable Audio cable VGA cable English 2 English English Touching Screen Installation 1. Use the USB 2.0 cable (included with the monitor) to connect the monitor to one of the USB 2.0 ports of the computer. 2. Windows will automatically search for the Touch Module, and proceed with the installation of the driver. 3. Multi-touch function only support on Windows 7 operation system, others not support Multi-touch function. USB 2.0 cable Hardware Installation Connect your Touch Monitor’s USB cable to an available USB 2.0 port on your computer. Windows automatically detects the device. 3 Front View of the Product OSD Menu On/Off Scroll Down/ Decrease Scroll Up/ Increase Confirm Select Power ON/OFF Power LED Indicator Touch Pen Slot Rear View of the Product AC Power switch Power input (AC input) Audio input VGA input (D-Sub 15 pin) Up-stream USB port (to PC) English 4 Using On Screen Display (OSD) Functions English Display main menu. 1 Exit from OSD menu. Auto adjust the image when not in main menu. 2 Confirm the selection. Select the desired item when in OSD menu. Ў When not in OSD menu, directly enters Contrast/ Brightness/ DCR/ ECO Mode menu Select the desired item when in OSD menu. ^ When not in OSD menu, directly enters Opticolor Mode. Ў + ^ Recall both of Contrast and Brightness. 1 + Ў Power Lock (when not in OSD menu) 1 + ^ OSD Lock (when not in OSD menu) Main Menu Short Cuts Function from the button(s) Automatic adjustment: To auto adjust Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Phase (Fine Tune) and Clock (H. Size) of the screen. Contrast: To adjust the foreground white level of screen image. ^: increase contrast, Ў: decrease contrast. Brightness: To adjust the luminance of the video. ^: increase brightness, Ў: decrease brightness. 5 DCR On/Off: Contrast ratio will be . 60000:1, when DCR turn on. Audio Adjustment: To adjust the audio functions. Volume: To adjust the volume of speaker output. Mute switch: To turn the Mute ON/OFF. Colour Adjust: To select the colour for improving brightness and colour saturation between Cool, Normal, Warm, and User colour. Cool: Adds blue to screen image for cooler white. Normal: Adds red to screen image for warmer white and richer red. Warm: Adds green to screen image for a darker colour. User colour: Individual adjustments for red (R), green (G), blue (B). 1. Press button 2 to select the desired colour. 2. Press ^ or Ў button to adjust selected colour. Information: To display the information, regarding the current input signal coming from the graphic card in your computer. Note: See your graphic card user guide for more information about changing the resolution and refresh rate. Manual image adjust: To manually adjust the Horizontal size, H. /V. position, Fine tune, Sharpness, Video Mode Adjust and Opticolor Mode. Horizontal size: To adjust the width of the screen image. Ў: decrease the width of screen image, ^: increase the width of screen image. H./V. Position: To adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the video. H. Position: ^: move screen to the right, Ў: move screen to the left. V. Position: ^: move screen up, Ў: move scre...

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