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Istruzioni per l'uso Numark Industries, Modello DXM01

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Make sure all items listed on the front of this guide are included in the box. 2. READ SAFETY INSTRUCTION BOOKLET BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT 3. Study this setup diagram. 4. Place mixer in an appropriate position for operation. 5. Make sure all devices are turned off and all faders are at “zero” 6. Connect all stereo input sources as indicated in the diagram. 7. Connect the stereo outputs to the power amplifier(s), tape decks, and/or audio sources. 8. Plug your mixer and other devices into AC power. 9. Connect one or both of the USB cables to your computer as shown in the diagram. 10. Switch everything on in the following order. • audio input sources (i.e. turntables or CD players) • your mixer • last, any amplifiers 11. When turning off, always reverse this operation by, • turning off amplifiers • your mixer • last, any input devices 11. Go to for product registration. FRONT PANEL FEATURES 1. Power LED: Illuminates when the mixer is on. 2. Mic Gain: This knob adjusts the volume of the microphone input. 3. Mic Treble: This knob adjusts the high-tone of the microphone. 4. Mic Bass: This knob adjusts the low-tone of the microphone. 5. Channel Gain: This rotary control adjusts the pre-fader input level. 6. Channel Treble: This rotary control adjusts the high-tone level. 7. Channel Middle: This rotary control adjusts the middle-tone level. 8. Channel Bass: This rotary control adjusts the low-tone level. 9. Input Selector: This toggles select what input source is routed to the channel from the rear panel connected units. 10. Channel Fader: This slide fader is used to adjust the level sent to program mix. 11. Headphone Volume: This rotary control adjusts the volume level of the headphone output. 12. Headphone Jack: Your headphones can be connected to this .” terminal. The volume should always be set at its lowest setting while connecting and disconnecting headphones to prevent damage to headphones and/or your hearing. 13. Cue Slider: Channels 1 and 2 can be previewed using this mini-crossfader. Sliding this to the left plays the left “channel-1” and sliding to the right plays the right “channel-2”. 14. Cue Meter: This meter shows the peak, “PFL”, Pre Fader levels of channels 1 and 2. You can use the channel “Gain” and “EQ” controls to match the levels of input signals while cueing. 15. Master Cue Selector: When selected only the master output is heard in the headphones. 16. Replaceable Crossfader: This slide fader blends audio between the channels assigned to the left and right assign switches. Note: This fader is user replaceable if it should ever wear out. Simply remove the facepanel and then remove the screws holding it in position. Replace the fader with a quality authorized replacement from your local Numark retailer. 17. Crossfader Direction: Activation of this switch reverses the assignment of CH-1 and CH-2 on the crossfader. 18. Crossfader Contour Control: The position of this control determines how quickly or intensely the crossfader will blend. 19. Master Output Knob: This rotary control adjusts the main output volume. 20. Stereo Level Indicator: quickly and accurately tracks level of audio. 21. Sub Bass: Reproduces sub-harmonic frequencies one octave below and adds them to the original signal. The result is increased bass. REAR PANEL FEATURES Note: It is recommended that the mixer be turned off before connecting and disconnecting any sources to the inputs of the mixer. 1. Microphone Input: Microphones with a .” connector can be connected to this input terminal. 2. Phono Inputs: This input is used for connecting your turntables through the sensitive RIAA phono preamplifiers. Only turntables with phono level output should be attached. Line level turntables and other devices may be attached if the Phono/Line rear panel switch is set to the line position. 3. Phono/Line Source Switch: This switch activates and deactivates the sensitive RIAA phono preamplifiers. Only turntables with phono level output should be assigned when the switch is in the phono position. Some turntables offer line level output. To use these turntables and other line devices like CD players, switch the input to Line. 4. GND: This screw connector should be used to secure any turntables or other devices connected to the mixer that need to be grounded. 5. Line Inputs: CD players, Tape Decks, Samplers or other line level input devices should be connected to these inputs. 6. Record Output: This RCA output is for connecting a recording device such as a tape deck or CD recorder. The level of the record output is based upon pre-master levels. 7. Master Output (RCA): This output is for connecting an external monitoring device such as a PA system, powered monitors or a home stereo. The level of the master stereo output signal is controlled by the master fader. 8. USB Jack: This sends and receives audio data from your computer. The USB 1 jack sends audio to the mixer’s channel 1, while the USB 2 jack sends audio to channel 2. S...

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