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Istruzioni per l'uso Crate Amplifiers, Modello VTA-800

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Either channel is capable of driving the other and different effects can be obtained by the combined tone and volume controls. The overdrive feature is utilized in the following manner: A. Plug instrument into either one of the channels. B. Use a well shielded standard patch cord to patch the overdrive jack into the input jack of the other channel. Care should be taken to avoid getting the patch cord too near the speakers as it is possible to create electrical feedback by improper lead placement and/or poorly shielded patch cords. C. Either of the channels can be used for the instrument with the overdrive patch cord going to the other channel. DO NOT PATCH THE OVERDRIVE JACKS TOGETHER AS THIS WILL CUT OUT BOTH CHANNELS. D. When the two preamps are connected in the overdrive mode BOTH volume controls and ALL tone controls are now operative and can be used to produce the fantastic variety of sounds the overdrive feature permits. Generally the instrument channel should be set up for a good sound and the volume and tone controls of the overdriven channel operated in conjunction to provide the desired tonality, sustain, and distortion. Experimentation will illustrate the unlimited versatility of this system. If the overdriven channel is too sensitive when the high gain input “1" is used, the low gain"2" input should be used. Distortion is available at tremendous volume levels as well as at extremely low levels. Because of the combined controls this system of overdrive is far superior to the less versatile master volume control system of controlled distortion. The extremely high power and high gain (especially in the overdrive mode) of the VTA series amplifiers make certain precautions necessary to prevent acoustic and/or electrical feedback. The musician should exercise care not to position his instrument too close to the speaker cabinets if feedback is to be prevented. Under certain conditions poorly shielded © © © © \ СШ patch cords from the instrument and the overdrive jacks can cause feedback if the cord gets too close to the speaker cabinets. The same precautions apply to all high powered amplifiers with extremely high gain. 10. There are two speaker jacks on the 400 series and four on the 800 series. The output impedance is approximately two ohms per pair of jacks. Each pair of these jacks is labeled "1" and “2". The number "1" jack should ALWAYS be plugged in first to the speakers since this is the shorting jack and number "2" will not operate is used first. This is a common feature on tube type amps and is used to help protect the amp. Driving the amp unloaded can seriously damage internal components. 11. The fuse is located within the fuse holder and should be replaced with an identical value fuse in case of failure. 12. A three wire line cord has been used to prevent electrical shoch. DO NOT REMOVE THE GROUND PIN FROM THE PLUG. 13. The power switch is of the three position type with the center being the off position. One of the...

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