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Istruzioni per l'uso Crate Amplifiers, Modello VYPYR 60 TUBE

Produttore : Crate Amplifiers
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On the VYPYR tube amplifiers you will find the addition of a Standby switch. This switch allows time to warm up the tubes. Tubes need to be hot in order to produce the desired power and tone. We suggest you allow at least three minutes before turning the standby switch on. A CAUTION: The on/off switch in this unit does not break both sides of the primary mains. Hazardous energy can be present inside the chassis when the on/off switch is in the OFF position. 13 - Bank and Preset Select Your VYPYR comes equipped with 12 factory presets. These presets are in groups of 4 and savable to banks A, B and C. To select a bank simply press the button at the far left. The LED will indicate which Bank of four you are currently on. Select which preset you’d like to hear by pressing one of the four buttons to the RIGHT of the BANK BUTTON. If you want to erase our preset and put yours in, NO PROBLEM. After you have configured the amp and it sounds good, then PRESS AND HOLD ONE OF THE PRESET BUTTONS just like a car radio. Your tone is saved. 14 - Tap Tempo Tap on this button to set the tempo of the Delay effect. If you AREN’T HEARING ANY DELAY, enter EDIT mode (15) to TURN THE LEVEL UP. t I « 15 - Edit Mode Okay this is where it doesn’t get complicated. Edit mode simply changes encoders 4-8 to their alternate function as indicated below the encoder. When in Edit mode, the Edit mode LED will either be GREEN if you are editing EFFECTS, or RED if you are editing STOMPBOXES. To enter Edit mode simply press either the Stompbox encoder (1) or the Effects encoder (3). To exit Edit mode simply press the same encoder again. Any time you want access to the Delay or Reverb you will need to enter Edit mode! 16 - Headphone/Record Out We really spent a lot of time making sure the headphone jack was studio quality, and because of that with the proper adapters (not supplied) you can use this output for recording. NOTE: SPEAKER IS MUTED WHEN HEADPHONES ARE IN USE! Master Volume (10) controls headphone level. 17 - USB Record Out Not available on the VYPYR 15 or 30 The VYPYR USB Record out requires no drivers. Just plug a standard USB cable into your computer and it will detect your VYPYR as an audio device. Open your favorite recording program and start recording. Don’t worry, the output is microphone/cabinet simulated and will sound great right into your computer. NOTE: Speaker is intentionally muted when USB output is in use although the headphone output is active for real time monitoring. What is with the crazy light show? It is to keep our amps from getting bored when they aren’t doing anything. Don’t worry, when you plug your guitar into the amp the light show will automatically stop and will remain off for the remainder of your session. If your cable is plugged into the amp when you power on, the light show will remain off. If you want to disable the light show entirely, simply press and hold preset buttons 3 and 4 simultaneously while turning on the amp. The ...

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