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Istruzioni per l'uso Korg, Modello KM-402

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For the KM-202 Use the MIC LEVEL knob to adjust the input level of the mic connected to the MIC jack. Use the MIC BALANCE knob to adjust the level balance that is sent to mixer channels PGM1 and PGM2. Mixing the sound Use the channel faders to adjust the volume level of each mixer channel. Using the crossfader The audio mixed by the crossfader is output to the master bus or the FX bus. Use the front panel X-FADER CURVE knob to adjust the curve (response) of the crossfader. For the KM-402 Use the CH SELECT button to assign the corresponding mixer channel to one of the two crossfader channels (A or B). Each time you press a CH SELECT button, it will alternate between channel A (lit green) . channel B (lit red), and. unselected (dark). For the KM-202 The crossfader will crossfade between PGM1 and PGM2. Adjusting the master level Use the MASTER LEVEL knob to adjust the overall volume level being sent from the MASTER OUT jacks. Monitoring Connect your headphones to the headphone so that you can monitor the audio inputs or the sound you’re mixing. CUE This is a function that lets you monitor (hear through headphones) the sound at a point before the channel faders, separately from the sound that is output from the MASTER OUT jacks, giving you a way to check the sound or “cue up” material while you’re performing. The sound of the CUE bus can be monitored through headphones. This means that with the faders lowered, you can use headphones to check the audio input and EQ settings, and then when you’re satisfied, raise the channel fader so that the desired sound will be sent from the master outputs. lit green lit red 10 Monitoring via CUE For the KM-402 1. Press the CUE button of the mixer channel you want to monitor. 2. Use the MONITOR BALANCE knob to adjust the volume balance between the master output sound and the CUE bus sound. Use the MONITOR LEVEL knob to adjust the overall volume. For the KM-202 1. Use the CUE/MONITOR select switch to select CUE. 2. Use the CUE MIX fader to adjust the volume balance between PGM1 and PGM2. Use the MONITOR LEVEL knob to adjust the overall volume. Equalizer Using the equalizer to adjust the sound You can use the equalizer (EQ) to cut or boost the low, mid or high frequency range as a creative sound-shaping tool. 1. Use the EQ SELECT knob to select the desired equalizer type. 2. Control the EQ that you selected as the EQ type. Use the HI/MID/LO knobs of each channel to modify the tone as desired. EQ type list KM-Q This is an equalizer that has been improved on the basis of opinions from numerous wellknown artists who are devoted users of the first-generation KAOSS mixer. HI: -25dB–+15dB MID: -25dB–+15dB LO: -25dB–+15dB ROUND-Q This is an all-around EQ that is a good choice for all styles of music. HI: -28dB–+12dB MID: -28dB–+12dB LO: -28dB–+12dB BOOST This is effective when used as a booster. The mid- and high-frequency ranges of change are broad, letting you create powerful sounds. HI: -20dB–+18dB MID: -12dB–+12dB LO: -20dB–+18dB SLAMMING In order to aggressively modify the mid-range sound, the HI is set to a frequency range that is lower than normal and the MID to a range that is higher than normal. LO uses a special curve that changes gently in the “+” direction and steeply in the “-” direction, letting you apply high expressive equalization. HI: -30dB–+6dB MID: -30dB–+6dB LO: -60dB–+6dB ISOLATOR This uses a trapezoidal curve, and applies equally to the sound within each frequency band. It can be used as an isolator that completely cuts the sound, and is able to instantly cut the sound of a specific part. HI: -.dB–+9dB MID: -.dB–+9dB LO: -.dB–+9dB HYPED This EQ has a gradual curve. It is useful for modifying the atmosphere of the entire song, as well as for tonal adjustments. HI: -.dB–+9dB MID: -.dB–+9dB LO: -.dB–+9dB 11 4. Using the KAOSS PAD Applying the KAOSS PAD effect to the channel Press the KAOSS button of the mixer channel to make it light, the KAOSS PAD effect will be applied to the sound from that mixer channel. SOLO effect If you press and hold the KAOSS button (for approximately two seconds), the KAOSS button you pressed will blink, and the effect will be applied only to that Channel (KM-402) or PGM (KM-202). Operating the touch pad Control the effect by using your finger to rub or tap the touch pad. Hold If you press the HOLD button the HOLD indicator will light; in this state, you can take your finger off the touch pad, and the sound of the effect immediately prior to that moment will be maintained. Selecting an effect program Turn the PROGRAM/VALUE knob to select an effect program 00–99. Use the DRY/WET knob to adjust the depth of the effect. Turning FX RELEASE on/off 1. While holding down the PROGRAM MEMORY 2 button, press the TAP key. 2. Use the PROGRAM/BPM knob to select “r.On” (FX RELEASE on) or “r.Of” (FX RELEASE off). 3. Once again, hold down the PROGRAM MEMORY 2 button and press the TAP key; you will return to the program selection state. Alternatively, you ...

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