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Istruzioni per l'uso Yamaha, Modello NS-P100

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If mounted, the screws may pull out of the flimsy surface and the speakers may fall.This may damage the speakers or cause personal injury. . Do not affix the speakers to a wall using nails, adhesives, or any other unstable hardware. Long- term use and vibrations may cause the speakers to fall. . To avoid accidents resulting from tripping over loose speaker cables, fix the cables to the wall. . Select an appropriate position on the wall to mount the speaker so that no one will injure his/her head or face. * The SPS-80 is not available in some areas. E-5 . When placing the speakers on a flat surface, attach the included nonskid pads to the corners on the bottom of the speakers as shown on the left. This prevents the speakers from sliding around. Nonskid pad * For NS-P106, the nonskid pads include four spare ones. If you want to mount a speaker on a commercially available speaker stand for the main/rear speakers (and rear center speaker for NS-P106) X 4 X 5 X 4 X 5 The following optional accessories are needed for mounting the speakers on commercially available speaker stands. * Inquire at your authorized YAMAHA dealer for the optional accessories. Mounting bracket (AAX34790) Screw (AAX12390) 1 Attach the bracket (AAX34790) to the bottom of the Mounting speaker by using the screw (AAX12390) so that the bracket convex part of the bracket fits in the grooved part on (AAX34790) the bottom of the speaker as shown on the left. 2 Mount the speaker on the speaker stand by using a pair of screw holes (at an interval of 60 mm) on the bracket. * Those screw holes can be used with M4 screws only. Screw (AAX12390) 60 mm CONNECTIONS Caution: Plug in the subwoofer and other audio/video components after all connections are completed. English CONNECTIONS Caution: Plug in the subwoofer and other audio/video components after all connections are completed. English B A MAIN CENTERR L SUB WOOFER OUTPUT SPEAKERS REAR (SURROUND) REAR CENTER CENTER R L INPUT2 /MONO AUTO STANDBY OFF LOW HIGH OFF POWER ON VOLUME 0 10 INPUT /MONO FRONT RFRONT R FRONT LFRONT L REAR LREAR L REAR RREAR R REAR C REAR C CENTER CENTER Subwoofer Amplifier To AC outlet Center speaker LeftRight Rear center speaker LeftRight . . * The provided speaker cables have labels marked FRONT L, FRONT R, CENTER, REAR L, REAR R (and REAR C for NS-P106). Connect each speaker cable to the corresponding speaker by following the figure on page 7. (The speaker cables marked FRONT L/R are used for connecting the main speakers to the MAIN speakers’ terminals on the amplifier.) * Connect each speaker making sure not to reverse the polarity (+, –). If the speaker is connected with reversed polarity, the sound will be unnatural and lack bass. * For the main and rear speakers only, connect one speaker to the left (marked L) terminals of your amplifier, and another speaker to the right (marked R) terminals. . How to connect speaker cables For connections, keep the speaker cables as short as possible. Do not bundle or roll up the excess part of the cables. If the connections are faulty, no sound will be heard from the speakers. Before connecting Remove the insulation coating at the extremity of each speaker cable by twisting the coating off. . Connect the subwoofer to the line output (pin jack) terminal(s) of the amplifier. * To connect with a YAMAHA DSP amplifier (or AV receiver), connect the SUBWOOFER (or LOW PASS etc.) terminal on the rear of the DSP amplifier (or AV receiver) to the L/MONO INPUT terminal of the subwoofer. * To connect the subwoofer to the SPLIT SUBWOOFER terminals on the rear of the DSP amplifier, connect them to both the left L/MONO and right R INPUT terminals of the subwoofer. Note When connecting to a monaural line output terminal of the amplifier, connect to the L/MONO INPUT terminal. One side of the provided speaker cable has a white broken line and the other side has no line. Connect the (+) terminals on both the speaker and the amplifier using the side with a white broken line. Connect the (–) terminals on both components using the side with no line. How to Connect: 1 Press and hold the terminal’s tab, as shown in the figure. 2 Insert the bare wire. 3 Release your finger from the tab to allow it to lock securely on the cable’s wire end. 4 Test the firmness of the connection by pulling lightly on the cable at the terminal. Red: positive (+) Black: negative (–) White broken line Note Do not let the bare speaker wires touch each other as this could damage the speaker or the amplifier, or both of them. USING THE SUBWOOFER (SW-P130) USING THE SUBWOOFER (SW-P130) Controls and their functions English SUBWOOFER SYSTEM YST SW005 INPUT /MONO AUTO STANDBY OFF LOW HIGH OFF POWER ON VOLUME 0 10 220V-240V 110V-120V VOLTAGE SELECTOR 546INPUT /MONO AUTO STANDBY OFF LOW HIGH VOLUME 0 10 OFF POWER ON 2110V-120V VOLTAGE SELECTOR220V-240V 31Rear panel Front panel Port 1 Power indicator Lights up GREEN when the POWER switch (2) is pressed ...

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